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General Pouya
2010/06/28, 02:46 AM

Panda SafeCD Build 26.06.2010 Multilingual | 215 MB
These useful software is very handy when you need to clean your PC or another is your own, from malicious programs. The product represents a rescue disk, which can be used for the detection and removal of malicious software, without loading the operating system Windows. Panda SafeCD automatically detects and removes all types of malicious programs. The product is constantly updated database of signatures, and supports 13 languages.

Boot from CD or USB and the program will perform necessary actions at your command. Disc multilingual and Russian language is also present. Supports both FAT and NTFS disks. File for downloading recorded in the image of ISO, which will need to burn to CD / DVD or as an alternative to the establishment, for more convenient loading naUSB stick. With this disc you can hold a full scan of your computer, without the involvement of the operating system, and if you have a system were installed antivirus program Panda, Panda SafeCD then find the latest virus database in the registry and use them.

Here are some key features of "Panda SafeCD":
• Automatic detection and removal of all types of malware.
· Booting from a CD or USB.
• Supporting the use of updated signature files.
• Supporting 13 languages.
• Supporting both FAT and NTFS disks.

What's new in this version:
· New graphical user interface
• Updated signature file from the Internet, beta-signal or from a local PC
• Possibility to select individual sections to scan

It an useful software product is very comfortable, when you must clean the personal COMPUTER of friend or Your own, from malwares. A product presents from itself a rescue disk, which can be used for a discovery and moving away, harmful to POE without loading of the operating system Windows. Panda SafeCD automatically will discover and will delete all types of malwares. A product constantly renews the bases of signatures and Supports 13 Languages including Russian.

Year: 2010
Language: Multilingual
File Format: ISO



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