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موضوع: دانلود هک DBTech-Advanced Post Thanks Like PRO v3.4.2 [VBWAREZ|BF KEY|PRO]

    1. توضیحات دانلود هک DBTech-Advanced Post Thanks Like PRO v3.4.2 [VBWAREZ|BF KEY|PRO] »»

      دانلود هک DBTech-Advanced Post Thanks Like PRO v3.4.2 [VBWAREZ|BF KEY|PRO]

      نگارش: 3.4.2 ، توسط (مدیر بخش)

      آخرین زمان حضور: Sep 2017 پرینت این صفحه / حالت نمایش بصورت پرینت شده ارسال این صفحه به ایمیل یک دوست یا خودتان
      نگارش: 4.x.x امتیاز:  نصب شده: 0 بار
      زمان انتشار: 2015/04/05 بروزرسانی: هرگز دریافت شده: 63 بار
      پشتیبانی نمی شود سیستم هک و پلاگین تغییرات در کد ها فایل های اضافی

      دانلود هک تشکر پیشرفته ورژن 3.4.2

      نسخه قدیمی تر : دانلود هک تشکر پیشرفته DBTech Advanced Post Thanks Like v3.3.1

      Release: DBTech - Advanced Post Thanks Like Pro
      Version: 3.4.2
      BF Key:
      The Branding Free Key (BF Key) is used to remove the plugin's copyrights ! Enter it in plugin settings (via Admin Control Pannel).

      Advanced Thanks/Like mod is designed to cut down on spam and increase useful content in your forum by using a peer encouragement system.

      Advanced Thanks/Like mod is designed to cut down on spam and increase useful content in your forum by using a peer encouragement system - users thank/like each others posts, which can give them access to attachements, post content etc, as well as encourage the thanked person to post more great content.

      Feature List: Lite

      Require a Button CLick: Allows you to hide the content of a post, or hie an attachment, until the person clicks a button on the post.

      Statistics: Shows the top 5 people for; Giving / Receiving button clicks.

      Collapsable postbit stats: Shows how many button clicks a person has given, received etc in the postbit. Admins can determine what statistics can show in the postbit to control sizes etc. The postbit is also collapsable.

      Admin Permissions: Control things such as who can click buttons, require button clicks, what shows in postbit, what options can run concurrently, per forum permisions etc.

      Reputation: Add / Remove Reputation for each of your button clicks.

      Notifications: Receive alerts when a member clicked on one of the buttons for one of your posts.

      Import Thanks: Import script to import "thanks" from Abe's [AJAX] Post Thank You Hack on It will work with both vB3 and vB4 versions of this mod.

      Feature List: Pro

      Infinite Buttons: Ability to create new buttons to press! No longer do you need to be limited by Thanks / Like / Dislike.

      Auto Collapse Posts: Collapses a post so it doesnt show up by using a formulae for button clicks of your choosing.

      User Postbit Config: Lets users decide what postbit stats they want to see.

      Additional permissions: Un-click a button. Control how many stats show on the statistics page, set permissions per subforum.

      Integrated Controls: You can now integrate the button clicking controls into the post footer, like many of you requested.

      Buttons in First Post Only: This allows you to only make the first post thankable. If you forum is based around news, releases or anything similar this will allow your users to easily see the quality of the thread in question.

      Button Click Anonymity: This feature will be extremely helpful to forums who like the idea of a "dislike" button, but don't like the drama it brings. Now you can set certain buttons to be anonymous - no one will see who clicked.

      Post Colour Thresholds: Ever wanted an easy way for members to tell if a post is helpful or trash? Colour thresholds let you change the colour of posts depending on how many clicks of a button they receive. Members can now see at a glance whether or not a post is helpful, interesting or pointless.

      Complete Feature List

      Click buttons for posts (permissions and settings permitting)
      Require button clicks to see content (whole post is hidden)
      Require button clicks to see attachments
      Top 5 Given / Received statistics for each button
      Collapsible postbit statistics
      (vB4) Forum sidebar block for button feeds
      Hottest Threads / Posts page showing most clicked posts and threads
      Each button can be set as "Default" for Attachments and Content. When posting via Quick Reply, the default button(s) will be set as Required
      The "thanks bar" in posts displays the number of users who has clicked each button, also for non-forum integration areas

      Control display order of buttons
      Set permissions per usergroup to be able to click and require clicks of buttons
      Per-category toggle of what buttons are enabled
      Search interface to find clicks for a specific post
      Maintenance options; Clean up clicks that are attached to deleted posts, Recalculate the Given / Received statistics, Rebuild Reputation
      Manual postbit stats relocation
      Hide APTL info from guests
      Globally disable notifications for new clicks
      Disable APTL integration with non-forum areas via vBulletin Options
      Disable "Total click count" on the "thanks bar"
      Notifications can be disabled on a per-button basis
      Disable button text

      Social Groups
      User Notes
      Visitor Messaging
      (vB4) [DBTech] DragonByte Gallery: Images

      (vB4) Forum Block
      Tabbed interface to choose between "Recent" and "Top" button clicks
      Ability to select from any of the available buttons and display the 5 recent clicks from that button
      "Top" tab on the forum block, lists top clicks for the selected button
      Control the timespan in which the "Top" period is calculated for
      Deny usergroup access


      "Entry List" page; a browseable list of all button clicks
      Users can hide postbit items via the UserCP
      Users can turn off notifications via the UserCP
      Hottest Threads / Posts has a date range filter

      Create unlimited buttons to click
      Ability to create Post Colour Thresholds to highlight posts in different colours
      (vB4) Choose what portions of the postbit should be coloured via the post colour thresholds.
      Minimum posts required to click a button
      Per-usergroup setting to become immune to clicks of a button
      Per-usergroup setting whether who clicked a button is displayed
      Per-usergroup setting to allow disabling clicks of a specific button for a post
      Per-usergroup setting to allow removing a click of a button
      Limit button clicks per day
      Per-forum ability to set each button to only display in the first post
      Per-forum toggle of what buttons are enabled
      Set more / less than 5 for the Given / Received statistics
      Ability to auto-collapse posts using provided formula or input for your own using your custom buttons
      Move the "Post Like / Thanks" cloud above / below posts, above / below signatures
      Ability to delete entries found in the Search interface
      Email notifications (can be disabled globally) on a per-button basis
      Disable notifications on a per-button basis
      Set a flood limit (in seconds) that serves as a delay between button clicks
      Individual users now be excluded from using the mod
      Turn off individual buttons' integration with non-forum areas
      Turn off "Given" and "Received stats on a per-button basis

      Blog Entries
      Blog Comments

      (Pro) "Thanks Cloud" Customisation

      Full: Displays header, who clicked buttons and the action button rows.
      No Header: Displays who clicked buttons and the action button rows.
      Compact: Displays the action buttons and how many people clicked each button (no user names).

      Translatable Button Text

      Translate "Action Text"
      Translate "List Text"
      (Pro) Translate "Undo Text"

      Custom Image Paths

      Custom "Button Click Image"
      (Pro) "Button Un-Click Image"
      Falls back to existing functionality if image paths not filled out

      General / Other

      Configure "Post Collapse Threshold" per-forum

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      دانلود رایگان دانلود هک DBTech-Advanced Post Thanks Like PRO v3.4.2 [VBWAREZ|BF KEY|PRO] از وی بی ایران


      پشتیبانی شما از نویسنده ( تشکر ، اعلام نصب ، رعایت کپی رایت و پسورد )

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    من همه تنظیمات این هک رو نگاه کردم ولی نتونستم تشکر و لایک و دیسلایک خودمو حذف کنم . تنها یه تنظیم مهم داره یه میگه اگه لایک رو زید کدوم دکمه غیر فعال بشه مثلا اگه لایک زدید دیسلایک از بین میره و اینکه هر کاربر به خودش لایک و تشکر بده ... اما هر کاری میکنم نمیتونم و نمیدنم چطوری باید تشکر را حذف کرد و یا اینکه کاربر تغییر نظر داده و لایک رو به دیسلایک و برعکس تبدیل کنه . شاید لایک تنها یکبار استفاده باشه ولی قطعاً باید تشکر گزینه ای تحت عنوان حذف تشکر داشته باشه .....

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