We're happy to announce the release of vBulletin 5.2.0 Connect. Altogether over 170 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.2.0 Connect. This is a major update to the software.

PHP Hooks
In addition to the other methods used for expanding vBulletin 5, we have implemented PHP Hooks in 5.2.0 Alpha 2. This will allow expansion of the software through third-party PHP Classes. This implementation is currently fairly basic and we're looking for feedback from third-party developers on both the implementation and placement of hooks. The current implementation is basic. More on PHP Hooks below.

Themes have been updated to retain user customizations better. When upgrading to previous versions, the logo would be overwritten on vBulletin Cloud installations due to permissions and how themes are configured behind the scenes. To resolve this and improve using Themes, a number of changes were made to the system. Previously in order to retain the logo or style variable changes, you had to make a child of the Theme you wanted to work with. In 5.2.0 and higher, we will automatically create the proper child styles for you. The original themes will remain read-only and we will hide these copies from you, except in Debug Mode. This will make creating changes to your themes easier, especially for Cloud customers. During the upgrade, we will copy your logo and Additional CSS over to the new child theme for you.

This doesn't change existing permissions. Cloud customers have not gained access to edit templates.

Protocol-Relative Links
In order to better support running sites under both HTTP and HTTPS, we have converted all internal links to protocol-less links. This allows the browser to request the proper URL for including Javascript, CSS, and linking through forms and other tools.
For more information see: https://blog.servertastic.com/using-...ntent-warnings

Responsive Markup
In order to facilitate cleanup and enhancement of the responsive capabilities of themes, a new Responsive Markup Library has been added. This library will be used more in the future.

Current Issues: http://tracker.vbulletin.com/secure/...&version=11322

Discuss this Release: 4334160