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موضوع: دانلود ورژن جدید هک [DBTech] vBShout v5 5.4.6 (vB4) [AJAX]

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      دانلود ورژن جدید هک [DBTech] vBShout v5 5.4.6 (vB4) [AJAX]

      نگارش: 5.4.6 ، توسط (مدیریت کل سایت)

      آخرین زمان حضور: Aug 2017 پرینت این صفحه / حالت نمایش بصورت پرینت شده ارسال این صفحه به ایمیل یک دوست یا خودتان
      نگارش: 4.x.x امتیاز:  نصب شده: 0 بار
      زمان انتشار: 2011/08/26 بروزرسانی: هرگز دریافت شده: 51 بار
      پشتیبانی می شود تغییرات دیتابیس سیستم هک و پلاگین فایل های اضافی
      مجوز ترجمه

      DragonByte Technologies are proud to present vBShout Lite v5: The most advanced, Most feature-rich and most professional shoutbox ever.

      Why vBShout?

      The two owners of Dragonbyte Technologies have a combined experience of over a decade producing, designing and coding vBulletin modifications and utilising and improving upon the technological innovations of Inferno Technologies, vBShout v5 is the latest and greatest modification from the studio.

      As usual we love giving back to the people who support us, which is why we are once again releasing a completely FREE Lite version of the shoutbox which still has more & better features than all of our competitors. For them this is a hobby – For us, it's our livelihood.

      We feel v5 is the culmination of this years work, so we decided to do this list a little differently. Instead of presenting you with the same old, and telling you what we added in v5, we decided to completely re-write it from scratch, and tell you exactly what makes our shoutbox the best, and why.


      Thanks to all of our fans who nominated us for Junes Mod of the Month. You can vote here:


      If you like our modification, Please nominate it for Mod of the Month!
      We appreciate the support!


      Number of extra features in Pro: 35+
      Priority support & Product Demos available at:


      Professional version available @
      Priority support for Lite version is handled at the Developers Website.


      Translations available @ [url="[/URL]
      Support for translations handled by the translator in its respective threads only.


      Major Lite Features

      Advanced Shout Control: You have the ability to post shouts, edit your shouts, PM shouts to other users, Ignore other users, insert /Me commands, insert smilies, Bbcode, change font, text colour etc.

      Advanced Staff Control: Give your staff members customised permissions to allow them to do certain actions, on all or selected instances and chat rooms. Permissions include: Silencing users, banning users, editing user shouts, Creating/Editing "Sticky Notices", Pruning shouts and much more.

      Resource Optimisation: vBShout implements an Advanced Optimisation Protocol to save your forum resources. Enabling this will further reduce the amount of resources consumed by the shoutbox. AOP was originally featured in Inferno vBShout, and DBTech vBShout takes it to the next level by ensuring that all your chats are always up-to-date without taking up needless amount of resources.

      Customisable New Post / Thread Notifications: Allows you to make the shoutbox post when a new thread is created, or a new post is made. You can make this happen with all threads (Which will take user permissions into account) or only threads/posts from certain forums.

      Shoutbox Tabs: New PM's or User Chat Rooms create Tabs. Tabs will highlight to let you know something new has happened, and you can even set them to make sounds to alert you.

      Active Users Shout-bit: Shows the users active in the tab/instance you are, with the option to view everyone who can enter/exit the room at will (and thus see any shouts posted) in a pop-up to save resources. Perfect for seeing what's going on and who's around at a glance.

      Context Menus: Many places now make use of context menus – less having to remember /commands, one click access to the most useful and commonly used functions, and the ability for users to access their shoutbox settings directly from the shoutbox itself.

      Custom Chat Rooms: Your users can now set up their own Chat-Tabs, where they get to set who can come and chat. Perfect for clubs, guilds etc. Admins can also create permanent Chat rooms for specific usergroups etc. – perfect for a staff only chat room for instance, or to reward loyal members!

      Custom Shoutbox Instances: Ever wanted a separate shoutbox just for your admin forum? Got a part of your board only for VIP members? Now you can set a shoutbox specific to those areas.

      Shoutbox Sounds: You asked for it, we delivered. Customisable sounds now available on receiving shouts, Invites, PM's and more. (Requires QuickTime Plugin)

      Archive: View all the shouts posted since the last pruning, Also shows you the top X shouters, a variety of interesting and useful shoutbox statistics, and allows you to search previous shouts.

      Logging: Worried about staff members pruning the shoutbox to cover their tracks? Don't worry, with our advanced logging options, you can make sure a hard copy is kept of every action taken.

      Revamped Thread / Reply Notices: Do you have a massive board with 100+ forums? With the revamped New Thread / Reply Notices page, you can edit exactly what forums show what notices in what instance all from one page.

      Downloadable Shoutbox Archives: You and your shoutbox admins can download a complete dump of the Shoutbox' archive for all instances. With 3 supported formats (tab-delimited CSV, XML and TXT), there's something for everyone whether your purpose is review or programming.

      Easy Shoutbox Notice Editing: You and usergroups with the "Can Set Sticky" permission can now edit the notice by double-clicking the Sticky in the shoutbox. Quickly fix typos or rapidly update with new turn of events, editing it is never more than two clicks away.

      Shoutbox Report System: Members can now report offensive shouts by using the shout context menu. When a report has been submitted, those with the "Can Moderate Chat" permission will see how many reports need their attention via a new chat tab in the Shoutbox.

      Easy User Infractions: The context menu also adds a quick link to infract users, for those who can access vBulletin's infraction system. This lets you quickly punish members who are overstepping your bounds.

      Blog Integration: Give blogs a more prominent place on your forum by having the Shoutbox post notifications when someone posts a new blog or comments on a blog.


      Professional Only benefits:

      Personal User Shoutbox Options: Integrated with User CP, User gets to decide which things show on their shoutbox, PM's, notifications etc. Even what editor options show up for them. They also get to decide where their text input area goes for TOTAL customisation.

      Ignore List: Allows users to keep track of who they are ignoring, and control this option via a list.

      Custom Commands:
      Lets you and your users create their own commands for use. For example, create pre-set warning comments – Staff member types /firstwarning, Text appears saying "This is your first warning for breaking the shoutbox rules. You can view these rules at [link] If you have a question about this warning, please PM myself. Thanks.

      Extra Tab Options:
      The ability to set separate tabs for system notifications and notices is available in the PRO version, fantastic for keeping your chat tab uncluttered.

      Detach Shoutbox: Lets you and your users have the shoutbox open in a seperate browser window/tab for easier use etc.

      Additional Moderation Commands: The ability to add/edit the sticky notice through the shoutbox.

      Advanced Archive Searching: Ability to search by any combination of username, Last X Hours, Start/End date, as well as keyword. Filter searches, sort by criteria etc.

      Extended Instance Options: Allows you to have separate notices per instance, set usergroup settings for individual instances, and even set unique staff permissions for each individual instance.

      Expanded Context Menus:
      Lets your member/staff use the context menu to add/update the sticky note, Ban and Unban users, Ignore/Unignore users and prune individual user shouts.

      Extra User Chat Room Moderation: Shows a page displaying every use-created chat room, who made it, how many active members/total members it has etc, and options to close it etc.


      Complete Feature List
      • Shoutbox
        • Post Shouts
        • Edit / Delete Shouts
        • PM other users
          • PM tabs for convo between two users
        • View Active Users
          • Separate context-aware block that shows the people active in your specific tab.
      • Smilies
        • Integrates with vBulletin smilie popup for easy overview of all available smilies.
      • Update text styles
        • Bold
        • Italic
        • Underline
        • Font
        • Colour
      • Slash commands
        • Built-in commands in a drop-down list
      • Context menu for available actions
        • View Profile
        • Send PM
      • Create chat room
        • Invite / Manage users that can access this chat room
        • Inviting an user sends them a pop-up asking them to join the room.
      • Tabs
        • Highlights when you're not viewing them but they have new messages.
        • Chat Rooms get tabs added as you join them.
      • Logging
        • Default logging logs all administrative slash commands.
      • Archive
        • View list of all Shouts in the system
        • Top X Shouters
        • Shoutbox Statistics
        • Search Archive
          • Search by
            • Phrase
      • AdminCP
        • Instance Manager
          • Different instances on different pages
        • Chat Room Manager
          • Assign usergroups to chat rooms
        • Edit Settings
          • Which commands to log
          • Log level
          • Shouts to display
          • Shoutbox Height
          • Shout display order
          • Shoutbox Refresh Rate
          • Smilies on / off
          • PMs on / off
          • Allowed BBCode controls
          • Enabled Editor Tools
          • Maximum [SIZE]
          • Max characters per shout
          • Max images per shout
          • Archive "Top X Shouters" count
          • Active Users block on/off
          • Auto-Delete Shouts
          • Max chat rooms per user
          • Global sound switch
          • Play sounds while idle
          • Per-Usergroup display of moderator actions (like pruning shouts)
          • Ability to disable the "Chat Access" list
          • Project Tools integration
          • Ability to disable Blog notifications
          • Alternating Shout Background Colours
          • Forum Milestones (replacing the simple "Post Markers")
            • Every X Posts
            • Every X Threads
            • Every X Members
        • Show command log
        • Show banned users
        • Show shout log
        • Maintenance
          • Reset all style customisations
        • Ban / Silence management in Edit User
      • Context Menu Options
      • Moderation actions
        • Add / Update Sticky Note
        • Ban / Unban users
        • Ignore / unignore users
        • Prune user's shouts
      • Separate tab for Notifications
        • Lets you hide them from the main view but still have them accessible.
      • Separate tab for System Messages
        • Lets you hide them from main view but still have them accessible.
      • Detach shoutbox
        • Shows a dedicated shoutbox browser window.
      • Shoutbox Options
        • Integration with UserCP
          • General Shoutbox Settings
            • Enable / Disable PMs
            • Enable / Disable Notifications
            • Enable / Disable System Messages
            • Override shout styles
            • Sounds on/off
              • Shout
              • Invite
              • PM
            • Hide alternating shoutbox background colours
            • Hide user avatars
          • Display Settings
            • Hide/Display individual Editor settings (Font, text colour etc)
            • Control shout area location
          • Tab Reordering
            • Re-order chat tabs
      • Custom Commands
        • Add / Edit custom commands
      • Ignore List
        • Add / Remove users
      • High-level logging logs everything
      • Search Archive
        • Search by
          • Username
          • Last X Hours
          • Start Date
          • End Date
        • Sort order for search results
        • Shouts per page
      • Filter archive shouts
      • Edit/Delete shouts in archive
      • Separate Sticky notices per instance
      • Separate usergroup permissions per instance
      • Assign chat room to any / all instance(s)
      • Shoutbox Refresh Rate
        • While idle
      • PMs on / off
      • Archive "Top X Shouters" count
      • Play sounds while idle
      • Maintenance
        • Reset all style customisations
      • Ban / Silence management in Edit User
      • Forum Milestones (replacing the simple "Post Markers")
        • Every X Blogs
        • Every X Shouts
        • Every X [DBTech] Advanced Post Thanks / Like button clicks received
        • Every X [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging thread tags received
        • Every X [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging quotes received
        • Every X [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging mentions received
        • Every X [DBTech] vBQuiz quizzed created
        • Every X [DBTech] vBQuiz quizzed completed
      • Adjust time stamp format
      • Per-Usergroup "Can PM" permission
      This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of pages generated by this mod which includes:
      • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
      • 1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
      • 1 Link to Hivelocity Hosting

      دانلود رایگان دانلود ورژن جدید هک [DBTech] vBShout v5 5.4.6 (vB4) [AJAX] از وی بی ایران

      پشتیبانی شما از نویسنده ( تشکر ، اعلام نصب ، رعایت کپی رایت و پسورد )

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