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موضوع: vBCredits - Ultimate Points System

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      vBCredits - Ultimate Points System

      نگارش: ، توسط (کاربر سایت)

      آخرین زمان حضور: Nov 2014 پرینت این صفحه / حالت نمایش بصورت پرینت شده ارسال این صفحه به ایمیل یک دوست یا خودتان
      نگارش: 3.x.x امتیاز:  نصب شده: 0 بار
      زمان انتشار: 2011/12/13 بروزرسانی: هرگز دریافت شده: 12 بار
      پشتیبانی نمی شود

      • Earning Credits
        • Twenty-Four Actions Eligible for Awards
          • Induction
            • Registration, Promotion, Subscription, etc

          • Referral
          • Paycheck
            • Definable Time Period

          • Activity
            • Definable Qualification

          • Birthday
          • Grant Reputation
            • Can Integrate with Rep Power

          • Receive Reputation
            • Can Multiply Reputation Points

          • Infraction
            • Can Multiply Infraction Points

          • New Thread
          • Rate Thread
            • Can Multiply Rating

          • Posting
          • Own Thread Posting
          • Post Size
            • Multiply Against Chars or Words
            • Can Strip BB Code Prior
            • Definable Maximum

          • Your Thread Viewed
            • Can Disable Guest Views

          • Your Thread Rated
          • Your Thread Replied
          • Your Profile Viewed
          • Poll Creation
          • Poll Vote
          • Upload Attachment
          • Sending PM
          • Calendar Event
          • Profile Picture
          • Profile Fields
            • Can Multiply Number of Fields
            • Can Set Minimum Fields

        • Decimal Settings for Credits and Percentages
        • Protocol for Negative Balances
        • Award Recalculation when Action Changes
        • Award Negation Multiplier
          • When Action Revoked Such As Post Deletion

        • Forum Overrides
          • Twelve Eligible Actions by Usergroup
          • ACP Tool to Configure Multiple at Once
          • Earning in Forums Can be Turned Off

      • Displaying Credits
        • Everybody, Private, Nobody
          • Usergroup Permission to See All Private Amounts

        • Displays by Global, Usergroup, Forum
        • Lock Usergroups from Entire System
        • AJAX Navbar Amount Refresh
        • Display / Order by Savings, Checking, or Both
        • Richest User Listing
          • Can Exclude Usergroups From Listing

        • Display Credits in Memberlist

      • Extensive Referral System
        • Validate by Time, Posts, and Reputation
        • Referee Credit Incentive
        • Number of Referrals per Referral Point
        • Maximum Referral Points
        • Referral Points Multiplied Against Additive Referral Bonus
        • ARB Increases ALL Other Action Award Amounts

      • Post Award System
        • AJAX Through Thread or Profile
        • Can Spend From Central Board Account
          • Filled from Taxes, Fees, etc

        • Daily, User, Thread Limits
        • Can Disallow Negative Awards
        • Disable by Usergroup, Forum
        • Moderate by Usergroup, Forum
        • Can Publicly Display Awards in Thread

      • Transaction Log
        • Displays All Donations, Awards, Payments, Winnings, etc
        • Can be Split into Pages
        • Usergroup Permission to View All Users' Logs
        • Specify Transaction Alerts via PM
        • Comments and Reasons Allow BB Code

      • Donations
        • Support for Comments and Anonymous
        • Time Based User Limits
        • Donation Fee
        • Fee Handling Protocol
        • Moderate / Cancel Donations

      • Drawings
        • Unlimited Concurrent Drawings
        • Raffle / Lottery Types
        • Static / Raising Jackpots
        • Per Drawing Ticket Cost
        • Maximum Active Tickets
        • Minimum / Maximum Tickets Sold for Drawings
        • Recurring Drawings
        • Usergroup Discounts
        • Configurable Title and Date
        • Exclude Usergroups
        • Optional Winner PHP
        • Allow Lottery Number Picking
        • Tax on Winnings
        • Archive Time Limit for Completed Drawings
        • Retry Period for Ineligible Drawings

      • Savings Accounts
        • Validate Access by Time, Posts, and Reputation
        • Minimum Balance for Interest
        • Bank Transfer Fee
        • Pending Deposits
        • Early Withdrawal Fee
        • Interest Intervals
        • Maximum Savings per Usergroup
        • Configurable Usergroup Interest Rates
        • Moderate Deposits

      • Loans
        • Moderate Loans
        • Maximum Total Loans and Amounts
        • Minimum Loan Amount
        • Minimum Payment by Due Date
        • Late Payment Fee
        • Automatic Recurring Payments
        • Accountability Rating for Loan Repayment
        • Good and Bad Rating Thresholds
        • Lock Spending Ability if Below Bad Rating
        • Transfer Usergroups when Threshold Passed
          • Reward or Punish Users with New Rates and Abilities

      • Administrative Utilities
        • Mass Usergroup Updater
          • Select Template Usergroup to Copy Settings
          • Select Multiple Target Usergroups
          • Configure All Usergroup Settings and Awards

        • Mass Credit Updater
          • Retroactively Award Users Based on Settings
          • Can be Used to Award Static Amounts to All Users
          • Can be Used to Reset Entire Usergroups
          • Pick and Choose Usergroups and Awards to Calculate

        • Modify User Accounts by Criteria
          • First Search for Users Using Familiar Options
          • Can Search by Savings and Checking Amounts
          • Can Alter Resulting Users' Amounts Directly
          • Can Apply Easy-to-Use Custom Defined Formula
            • Use Simple Math, Numbers, and Variables
              • Days Registered
              • Post Count
              • Reputation
              • Infraction Points
              • Checking and Savings Amounts

      • Overall Quality
        • Everything is Easily Disabled / Unlimited
        • Will Not Alter Environment for vB or Other Hacks
        • Fully Phrased
        • Complete Admin Help*
        • WOL Locations
        • Includes Hooks
        • Unique Plugin Optimization
        • Uses Bitfields and Datastore
        • Maintains Sessions
        • Includes TMS Support
        • No File Edits

      and much more!

      Just follow the directions carefully in the zip based on whether you are clean installing or upgrading

      Fully integrated with vBulletin and easily integrated with third party scripts:
      Many hacks allow you to specify a points system by entering the table and column for the points data. Use TABLE: user COLUMN: credits when integrating vBCredits with such hacks (note: you may need to include your table prefix with some hacks)!

      دانلود رایگان vBCredits - Ultimate Points System از وی بی ایران

      پشتیبانی شما از نویسنده ( تشکر ، اعلام نصب ، رعایت کپی رایت و پسورد )

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    این چه هکیه؟؟؟

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    یه جور سیستم امتیاز دهیه.

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    پیش فرض

    من فایل های داخل پوشه ی Upload رو به همون ترتیبی که بود آپلود کردم .
    توی مرحله ی سوم نصب نوشته :

    3) If you do NOT have TMS installed, or if TMS fails on your custom templates, apply the 14 Template Edits to the 10 Templates listed below.
        - If you don't know what TMS is, you probably don't have it installed. Either way, making the edits manually will not hurt your forum
        - Most of the templates can be modified to fit your styles, especially in the cases where credits are displayed
        - Please note that when you upgrade vBulletin, you will need to perform these modifications again
    نفهمیدم باید چی کار کنم :-(
    بعد رفتم مرحله ی بعدیش product-credits.xml رو داخل محصولات اضافه کردم بهم این ارور رو داد :

    A conflict was detected in the bitfields. You cannot continue with  the installation of this product until this has been fixed. The  conflicts found were: 
    • Bitfield Collision: allowvideos = credits_cantearn
    کسی هست مرا یاری کند ؟

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