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موضوع: هک کلاسهای فیلد یا جادوی سیستم (classfield)

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      هک کلاسهای فیلد یا جادوی سیستم (classfield)

      نگارش: ، توسط (مدیر بخش)

      آخرین زمان حضور: Dec 2015 پرینت این صفحه / حالت نمایش بصورت پرینت شده ارسال این صفحه به ایمیل یک دوست یا خودتان
      نگارش: 4.x.x امتیاز:  نصب شده: 0 بار
      زمان انتشار: 2011/12/14 بروزرسانی: هرگز دریافت شده: 8 بار
      پشتیبانی نمی شود

      توسط این هک تمام کلاسهای زیبا و ساخت فیلدهای دشوار بری شما اسان میشود

      اگر با ایم هک اشنا بشید کاری در وی بی نخواهد بود که نتونید انجم بدید

      اموزش این سیستم نیز به صورت پی دی اف قرار گرفت

      1.- How it works

      A user posts an Ad. If the user hasn't post a profile before, the system auto creates one for him, populating it with any data there are in his forum profile.
      Members who are searching or browsing ads can see his ad. According the adtype (For-sale, Wanted, Auction), they can Buy it or Bid on it. The ad becomes invisible to public.
      System PMs seller about the sale. Seller can accept or decline the sale. In case of accept the ad is marking as pending payment. If seller declines the sale, the ad is activating again.
      When the payment is done, seller marks it as paid, the ad is removing from the server (with all related photos and attachments), and some data remain for history only.
      System PMs buyer that the sale has been finalized, and prompts him to rate and review the seller.
      In a time frame that admin has setup, seller and buyer can review each other. During this period reviews are hidden. When the time frame expires, the reviews become visible. Also with the help of a cron job, there is a check which activates reviews, even before the expiration, if both parties have post the review.

      2.- Frontend Features

      3 types of Classifieds (For-Sale, Wanted, Auction).
      Different look for each type.
      Powerfull Search engine
      What's New (Last 7, 14, 21, 30 days)
      Buyer can rate Seller, but also Seller can rate Buyer.
      Profile Information
      Full contact details
      Google Map Locator
      Value as Seller:
      Total Sales
      Total Amount of sold items
      Value as Buyer:
      Total orders that he placed
      Total amount of his orders
      Active Ads
      Sold Ads
      Reviews that he gots as Seller (from Buyers)
      Reviews that he gots as Buyer (from Sellers)
      Contact form
      Information Blocks in Main page:
      Auctions to Expire
      Random Classifieds
      Premium Classifieds
      Premium Profiles
      Newest Idividual Ads
      Newest Store Ads
      Top Sellers (Rating)
      Top Buyers (Rating)
      Best Sellers (Amount of items that he sold)
      Best Buyers (Amount of items that he bought)
      User can bookmark an Ad
      User can mark to follow a category, so he will get a PM for each new ad placed in that category (including subcategories).
      Logon user can:
      Post an Ad (if it is permitting by his usergroup permissions).
      Edit his profile
      See the public view of his profile
      My Classifieds section with:
      Active Ads with options to Edit, Hide, Activate (if hidden) or Delete it
      Hidden Ads with options to Activate or Delete
      Accept Sales. List all Ads that have expired (if auction) or someone asked to buy them. Options: Accept sale, Reject sale, Delete Ad
      Pending Ads, showing the ads awaiting to be paid. Options to close the sale (after payment), or to reactivate the ad
      Sold Ads
      My Bids
      My Bookmarks
      My Watch categories
      My History, showing:
      Items that I sold
      Items that I bought
      Attractive interface
      Easy to understand and use by your members
      Certified Memebrs

      3.- Administrator Features

      Unlimited depth level of categories
      Option per category to allow posts to:
      All Usergroups
      None Usergroup
      Specific Usergroup, or Usergroups
      Extra fields, global for all categories:
      Radio Button
      Extra fields for Profiles (same options as above).
      Set expiration time (in days) for ads. A cronjob checks the ads and removes ads that have been expired (also removes related, bookmarks, bids etc).
      Can setup default currency for all ads, or can allow users to use any currency they want.
      Allow or disallow to user, to choose if he wants any expired ad, to be peplaced with a new one.
      Can setup where the text search will perform:
      Title and Keywords
      Title, Keywords and Message body.
      In addition, he can setup how the search will works:
      Looking for exact text
      Looking for partial search
      Can choose to use or not Google Maps
      And many other common options (eg photo widths, allowed filetypes etc etc).

      4.- Moderator Actions

      Approve New or Edited Ads
      Approve or Delete Reported Ads
      Add/Delete Certified Members. Certified Members is another way to promote some users that you want. You can change the word to anything you like. Some webmasters use it to show that a seller has proven his identity to him, others use it to promote good clients etc.

      5.- Usergroup Permissions

      Can access the classified section
      Can post ads
      How many concurrent active ads
      How many photos per ad
      How many attachments per ad
      Priority on listings (1= Higher .... 9=Lower. Please note that usergroups with priority 1, Ads and Profiles appear in random, as Premium)
      Ads need approval? This is a commonly used permission, but I moved it to work per usergroup and not as general option.
      Can Moderate Ads and Reported Ads
      Can Moderate Certified Members

      6.- New version 4.9.5

      This version fixes all posted bugs and corrects any styling issued by using external css files (microclassifieds/includes/classifieds.css). It also replace the inline blocks (Buy Now etc) with modal popup windows.

      7.- Upgrade to ver.4.9.5

      Upload all file to your site overwriting the old ones
      Import product-microclassifieds.xml from your admincp marking the overwrite checkbox

      8.- New version 4.9.5a

      New Feature:
      Added Social Network sharing buttons (facebook, Twitter etc)
      Added {vb:raw headinclude_bottom} in all templates
      Bug fixes:
      Auctions PMs have empty text
      Wrong PM on close Auction when there was no bids
      Missing photo in Premium Sellers block
      Missing condition "Used" in listings
      Wrong date in PMs to contact seller
      Missing photo in Wanted Ads
      Database error when adding a category with apostrophe in title

      9.- Upgrade to ver.4.9.5a

      Upload all file to your site overwriting the old ones
      Import product-microclassifieds.xml from your admincp marking the overwrite checkbox

      10.- New version 4.9.6

      Bug fixes:
      Phrase in wrong phrase section caused empty PMs for Auctions.
      Wrong Mathematical formula in Search (expiration).

      11.- Upgrade to ver.4.9.6

      Upload all file to your site overwriting the old ones
      Import product-microclassifieds.xml from your admincp marking the overwrite checkbox

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