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موضوع: ویبولتین 3.8.7 / وبلاگ 2.0.3 / ویبولتین 4.0.9 در راه است ..

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    پیش فرض ویبولتین 3.8.7 / وبلاگ 2.0.3 / ویبولتین 4.0.9 در راه است ..

    در حال حاضر ویبولتین 3.8.7 و وبلاگ 2.0.3 در قابل دانلود است ( هنوز نال آن ریلیز نشده)
    ویبولتین 4.0.9 در حال حاضر روی قرار گرفته ولی هنوز برای دانلود آماده نشده است .
    اطلاعات تکمیلی :
    vBulletin 3.8.7 and vBulletin Blog 2.0.3 Public Beta1

    • vBulletin 3.8.7 Beta1 which fixes these bugs
    • vBulletin Blog 2.0.3 Beta1 which fixes these bugs
      This version will enable vBulletin Blog to work with newer version of PHP.

    Both are available for download via

    Please note: These releases are Beta releases, and subsequently have not progressed through our QA cycle, while we are aware of no regressions or other concerns that specifically affect these releases we encourage, and recommend you utilize diligence before installing any Beta release on a public website.

    If you purchased our 3 month license extension and the time period on your license has now expired and you are subsequently unable to download these versions, please contact us via our support ticket system to gain a free further extension to your license to enable you to download this release.


    On edit: It should appear in peoples Members area shortly


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    ---------------------------------------- is now powered by vB 4.0.9 is now powered by vB version 4.0.9

    This upgrade includes:

    If you encounter any bugs with the product, please post them in the tracker.
    If you are a licensed customer, we would welcome any feedback you have on it

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    کاربر مقابل از VBIran بابت این پست مفید تشکر کرده است:

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