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    Oct 2010
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    Limited Guest Viewing -- Motivate Guests to Register - Forum

    vBExperience 4 - Forum

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    Mar 2011
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    تمامی فایل های پیوست به همراه تصاویر
    البته اولی را علی جان قبلا زحمت کشیده و تو سایت قرار داده بودند ولی چون حجمش کم بود تو همین فایل قرار دادم
    vB 4 - دانلود هک Limited Guest Viewing Motivate Guests to Register

    ویرایش توسط momfilm : 2012/04/27 در ساعت 05:48 AM

    کاربر مقابل از momfilm بابت این پست مفید تشکر کرده است:

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    Feb 2012
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    پیش فرض

    Limited Guest Viewing -- Motivate Guests to Register

    With vBulletin, forum guests are able to view endless amounts of content without being directly asked or forced to register no matter how many times they come back. The purpose of the Limited Guest Viewing System is to drive in registrations by limiting the number of threads guests are able to view without interruption.

    This plugin offers two options which can be used to drive in more registrations. The first option allows you to show a reminder message or advertisement after a guest has viewed a certain number of threads. The second option puts up a roadblock stopping guests from viewing threads altogether after reaching a certain number of views. Both options work together to encourage and ultimately force anonymous visitors to either register or login but can also be used separately based on your individual needs.

    Modifications/ Instructions:
    Template edits: 1
    Plugins: 1 (adds 1 template and several settings)
    SQL Queries: 2 [1 insert/update] (optional)

    This template hack should take under 5 minutes to implement and customize.

    Customizing the content / messages:
    To customize which messages appear or what they say, go to vBulletin options, select the “Limited Guest Viewing System” group and configure the options as desired. Each phase can be modified by adding translation text.

    Through the ACP you can enable or disable each option, specify the number of threads that can be viewed before the option is enabled and input any forums you wish to exclude from being blocked.

    Search Engine Bots (Spiders):

    This plugin is intended to use cookies as a result few if any bots will be impacted when it comes to spidering your site [bots do not generally use cookies]. Users with IP logging enabled face more potential impact from spiders. For a full explanation of the impact on bots please read the install file. Questions about this issue should be asked after the install file will be read otherwise responses will direct you to read the file.

    IP/ Database Logging:
    As of version 2.0 this addon now allows for IP logging via mySQL instead of just using cookies. IP logging tracks visitors by IP address stopping issues associated with cookie clearing making the system more secure. This is optional and is turned off by default.

    There are 3 possible downsides of this option you should be aware of.

    The system adds an additional query and update every time a guest views a thread which adds to your server load.
    Some users on ISPs like AOL share IPs and could be forced to register without being able to access any threads.
    While spiders often change IPs and are specifically excluded (by hostmask) from the addon this is not absolute and it is possible they could be blocked. See the install file for more on this.

    Upgrading from 3.8.x:
    There are no special requirements to upgrade. Simply upload the new xml (plugin) file. Your customized phrases will not be altered during upgrade.

    هک دومی هم در انجمن موجود است تست شده و کار می کند.
    تصاویر پیوست شده تصاویر پیوست شده
    فایل های پیوست شده فایل های پیوست شده
    ویرایش توسط V2PCT : 2012/04/27 در ساعت 03:56 AM

    کاربر مقابل از V2PCT بابت این پست مفید تشکر کرده است:

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