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موضوع: پیش نمایش جدید سایت ساز vBulletin 5 Connect منتشر شد!

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    Improved Content Discovery With vBulletin 5 Connect
    vBulletin 5 Connect will significantly improve sites' ability to feature valuable content appealing to both new and repeat visitors. Forum sites often have a wealth of conversations that are of interest but hard to find. Search can provide some help, but people don't always use it well, if at all.
    vBulletin 5 Connect will provide customizable content modules that present threads and posts ******ed by a variety of easy-to-set search parameters. This will give forum admins the ability to conveniently feature content of their choosing. Multiple search modules can be displayed on a site to provide different slices of the community's most engaging discussions.
    For example, the content module can be configured to only show posts containing certain keywords, or posts by a given list of members. This can be further limited to threads which were started by particular members or include specific keywords. The module can limit the displayed posts by type of content (text, photos, etc.), date of post, tags, etc.
    For the first time, the rich depth of discussions contained in forum sites will be able to be prominently featured on vBulletin 5 Connect sites. A screenshot of this content mobile is provided below.

    پیش نمایش جدید سایت ساز vBulletin 5 Connect منتشر شد! - صفحه 2

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  2. گیفت کارت آیتونز

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    علی جان برای ترجمه ی ویبی 5 در خدمت ویبی ایران هستم.
    مرسیییییییییییییییییییییی یی.

    کاربر مقابل از Danialskh بابت این پست مفید تشکر کرده است:

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