Chapters of this book include:
Tools – Technlque – Design – Modeling – Stage1 – Stage2 – Stage3 -* Stage4 -*** Stage5 – Warp_up – Artlsts Acknowledgments – BiographyTools:
As you already figured out by the title and the introduction ، well be modeling the sea monster. My* choince of 3D package is 3D studio Max . I would like to point out that techniques used in this tutorial are fully transterable to lightware.

In order to get most out of this tutorial youll have to 3DS MAX 2.5 om light wave 5.5 ، since the tools used in this tutorial are only supported by these versions Max and Lightware Don’t Worry if you don’t have those uersions. Yes you wont have access to tools that I used but youll still be able to complete this tutorial ، youll just have to be more creative in order in order to achieve the same results offered by tools Im using