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موضوع: ویبولتین vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 19 منتشر شد.

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    Dec 2010
    ورژن ویبولتین
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    Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 Firefox 16.0
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    پیش فرض ویبولتین vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 19 منتشر شد.


    ویبولتین vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 19 منتشر شد.

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    لیست باگهای فیکس شده در نسخه بتا 19:

    1. VBV-5413 3.8.7 > 5.0.0 Upgrade : Uncaught Database Error during upgrade
    2. VBV-5806 Attachments deleted while removing old products
    3. VBV-5898 "Delete other posts and topics started by the affected users" deletes all nodes owned by the involved user(s), not just topics/replies/comments
    4. VBV-2181 Search for COPPA users crashes with DB error.
    5. VBV-5903 SQL Error on Profile page
    6. VBV-5814 Mobile App: Subforum list doesn't show (Android)
    7. VBV-5917 Forumrunner: JSON response from VB5 is different than VB4
    8. VBV-3342 Can't see Site Builder button in Firefox
    9. VBV-5981 Unable to create groups, user is not authorized to view page - despite having the right permissions.
    10. VBV-5999 Upgrade stuck on 5.0.0 Alpha 1 Step 160
    11. VBV-5955 UpgradeError from 4.2.0 PL2 to 5.0 B 17 / b18
    12. VBV-5987 Regular users & Guests cannot reply to topics started by others (regression)
    13. VBV-6012 Pagination is broken, it's not displaying all the posts after upgrading
    14. VBV-4174 Fatal error when building stylecache in step 12 of final upgrade
    15. VBV-511 Can't connect with Facebook when already logged into a vB account.
    16. VBV-5761 Move attachment to vBInstall querydef
    17. VBV-5733 Private Messages not being excluded properly from search query
    18. VBV-5489 Mobile App: Can't post a blog
    19. VBV-5470 Mobile App: Can't access private messages
    20. VBV-5580 Registered user cannot create entry to his own blog posts
    21. VBV-5958 Sent private messages cannot be deleted
    22. VBV-5831 Sitebuilder > Admin password authentication: After logging in you are directed to another password entry prompt that has a broken login button
    23. VBV-4535 Customize My Theme button does not appear for Firefox or IE
    24. VBV-5739 When edditing a Visitor message Codes are lost.
    25. VBV-4671 Subscriptions are not being displayed under "Edit Subscriptions" page
    26. VBV-5375 Text < > and anything inbetween disappears when editing
    27. VBV-686 Cannot add title to post replies
    28. VBV-5885 Add a Checkbox "Show post signature" setting as a Visible Post Element setting
    29. VBV-5894 Phrase needed for no_permission_images, for users not allowed to save images in signature.
    30. VBV-5637 Mobile App: No BB code renders (iOS)
    31. VBV-5794 Search inputs are not being ######ed correctly
    32. VBV-5811 In Media tab, wrong album gets loaded when selecting other albums.
    33. VBV-5798 Mobile App: No attach permissions (iOS)
    34. VBV-5801 Mobile App: Quick reply causes app crash (iOS)
    35. VBV-5844 Attempting to delete usergroup fails with invalid_query_definition_x error
    36. VBV-5833 If Password Age is triggered, cannot request lost password due to Message about password age
    37. VBV-5827 Forums Topics: Editing a reply with a quote in it removes the quote BBcode
    38. VBV-5747 Autosubscribe option is causing "Call to undefined method vB_Library_Cont ent_Photo::sendEmailNotification()"
    39. VBV-5803 Mobile App: Error on post deletion
    40. VBV-5810 Mobile App: No search options in forums (iOS)
    41. VBV-5506 Summary section of the Activity Stream increases when there's an image attached.
    42. VBV-5441 Deleting announcement fails with invalid query definition error (regression)
    43. VBV-4908 Can't "Go to first unread post" in topic
    44. VBV-2958 Quotes in PHP Module cause the module to not render
    45. VBV-5040 Usernames are double and triple escaped
    46. VBV-4683 Page Manager not displaying channels accurately
    47. VBV-1729 Prevent Deletion of Primary Channels.
    48. VBV-4103 Search not finding threads with name matching search query
    49. VBV-5857 Mobile App: Can post in forums that are viewable but have no posting permissions
    50. VBV-5205 Deleting posts takes too long
    51. VBV-5603 Can't save changes in Page Manager after upgrade from 4.2
    52. VBV-5939 Joining a social group stores the member as blog member
    53. VBV-5957 Deleting a Report Does Not Remove the Report from the Report Table
    54. VBV-4844 ######ing by time doesn't work in topics
    55. VBV-5977 Ad listing disappears from Header Editor after editing the settings for it
    56. VBV-4837 Attachment bbcode keeps the old filedataid after upgrading.
    57. VBV-4019 Usergroup Permission "Can Join Groups" doesn't work
    58. VBV-4020 Usergroup Permission "Can Create Groups" doesn't work
    59. VBV-4024 Usergroup Permission "Can Delete Own Groups" doesn't work
    60. VBV-5933 Can't edit polls because the title does not appear
    61. VBV-5121 Duplicate Queries on Profile View
    62. VBV-6039 Registered users get error about not being authorized to view page when trying to send flag report
    63. VBV-1311 Private Message Statistics will open a blank page
    64. VBV-4550 Update the cli search engine rebuild script to work with vB5
    65. VBV-6080 Replying or commenting on a link/video, poll, or photo discussion creates both a reply and a comment
    66. VBV-5679 Upgrading from vB 4.0.0 Publishing Suite (with Blogs) produces an error in class_upgrade_500b11's step_8
    67. VBV-2746 Email Flood Check isn't implemented
    68. VBV-3946 Usergroup Permission "Can View Private Custom Fields" doesn't work
    69. VBV-5748 Ad Header, User is Browsing Content/Non-Content setting is not working
    70. VBV-5726 Result of vB_Api_User::fetchCurrentUserinfo should be cached
    71. VBV-5860 Bad code in product API
    72. VBV-5868 FB App: Forums show "Sub-Forums:" regardless if it has a sub-forum or not
    73. VBV-5846 Message title shown as (Untitled) in Inbox
    74. VBV-4054 Quotation marks and ampersands in thread titles don't display properly in Activity Stream.
    75. VBV-5583 Quote button on visitor messages will be displayed only after editing the message
    76. VBV-2764 Missing phrases in Settings
    77. VBV-5555 default size for profile avatars is 165x165 instead of 200x200
    78. VBV-5450 Template Hook Request: Hook for widgets with subscribe button.
    79. VBV-3557 Customize My Theme Background Image not reflecting current setting
    80. VBV-4912 Enable reputation level option in User Settings is ignored
    81. VBV-1528 No smiliebox in the editor screen
    82. VBV-1387 Remove Forum Component URL option from AdminCP.
    83. VBV-3238 Cannot use full url for titleimage stylevar
    84. VBV-5916 Private Messages with Quotes not displayed properly in the users Inbox
    85. VBV-5627 Missing phrases in "Ban User" page
    86. VBV-5744 Category Admin on Page managment isnt working well.
    87. VBV-4468 Top Delete button removes notifications from view but doesn't delete them.
    88. VBV-5792 Mobile App: Avatars uploaded from app aren't scaled correctly
    89. VBV-5804 Mobile App: Line breaks don't show in post view
    90. VBV-5530 Sitebuilder authentication error message should be inline instead of in another popup dialog
    91. VBV-2780 Guests are unable to comment on posts and threads
    92. VBV-5870 The ###### options are not updating the listings correctly in the User profile's activity tab
    93. VBV-4850 Background indicator for unapproved/soft-deleted posts is visible for everyone, instead just to moderators
    94. VBV-3329 No error message when entering wrong password
    95. VBV-2463 Remove 'Main CSS' option from Style Manager
    96. VBV-1093 Soft deleted posts do not show who deleted them
    97. VBV-1266 No warning given when products are removed in upgrade
    98. VBV-5415 3.8.7 > 5.0.0 Upgrade : Forum List still shows last poster as Guest.
    99. VBV-5495 HTML, Javascript or any code will be invisible while editing
    100. VBV-4377 Notification of replies shows total number of people posting in a topic rather than since last notification
    101. VBV-5266 "Allow User Privacy Options" checkbox when creating user profile field category does nothing
    102. VBV-5417 3.8.7 > 5.0.0 Upgrade : Redundant Tabs
    103. VBV-5826 Last post in prefix channel shows [] as the title
    104. VBV-3713 Upgrade vB Forumversion 4.2.0 PL2 -> vB 5.0.0 alpha 38: Show disabled forums
    105. VBV-5728 Duplicate Query: style
    106. VBV-5828 Only prefixed threads show under Last Post in forums that have prefixes
    107. VBV-4834 Unable to quote "Code" BB tag
    108. VBV-4131 Groups will display two reply boxes
    109. VBV-2132 memory usage not displayed in debug mode.
    110. VBV-5652 Subscriptions / Subscribers count on profile does not increment
    111. VBV-3908 Could Not Find Phrase (admincp) after upgrade
    112. VBV-5985 Creating new usergroup shows error, but usergroup is saved (regression)
    113. VBV-5952 Invalid query error (and inconsistancy in settinggroup and setting locations)
    114. VBV-4183 Stylevar Editor has Left and Right reversed on padding and margin styevars AND margin doesn't allow for 0 value dimensions
    115. VBV-5711 Template Hook: widget_conversationdisplay -> above tabs display
    116. VBV-5820 Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted
    117. VBV-5937 Topic count doesn't update on Site home after deleting a topic
    118. VBV-4419 Editing a comment doesn't preserve line breaks
    119. VBV-6075 User Settings: Contact SNs drop down boxes reset to "AIM" selection after save.
    120. VBV-6078 The opening post for link/video, poll, and photo discussions can be commented on
    121. VBV-6074 Display DOB settings drop down displays default "Display Age and Full Date of Birth" option after save
    122. VBV-6090 Video and Image BB Code in a long post create large white space in the activity stream view
    123. VBV-4782 Add route to redirect %forumroot%/install/upgrade.php to %forumroot%/core/install/upgrade.php
    124. VBV-3797 mysql_errno(): 17 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in //core/vb/database.php on line 919
    125. VBV-3287 Leave comment is set to subscribers, subscribed users can't comment
    126. VBV-4599 No style applied to page when editing an Ad
    127. VBV-3422 Thread Prefixes are now Topic Prefixes so the phrases are all wrong in the Admincp
    128. VBV-3051 All activity streams display the same confusing "No data" phrase
    129. VBV-4454 Default tab setting not respected by activity stream responsive menu
    130. VBV-2289 (Porting from vB4) Empty phrases (in Control Panel Help Text, Scheduled Tasks, vBulletin Settings phrase groups)
    131. VBV-5510 Incorrect phrase text for Activity Stream Module in configuration mode.
    132. VBV-5587 Image references incorrect in css_responsive template
    133. VBV-4643 Replace the word Threads to Topics in the Admin CP
    134. VBV-4579 Avatar image should be centered
    135. VBV-4602 Edit Custom Html Module for Ads is incorrectly styled

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