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موضوع: ویبولتین vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 23 منتشر شد.

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    Dec 2010
    ورژن ویبولتین
    نوشته ها
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    4,502 بار
    Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 Firefox 17.0
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    پیش فرض ویبولتین vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 23 منتشر شد.


    ویبولتین vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 23 منتشر شد.

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    لیست باگهای فیکس شده در نسخه بتا 23:

    1. VBV-6530 Assign Homepage: Not yet implemented (remove non implemented feature)
    2. VBV-6327 Using the Add Photos dialog in an album on the Media Tab overwrites the whole album
    3. VBV-6379 New channel missing a routenew record.
    4. VBV-3900 VBV-3175Stylevars not being inherited by child styles
    5. VBV-6319 Moderator Actions are Not Logged for display in the ACP (continuation)
    6. VBV-6012 Pagination is broken, it's not displaying all the posts after upgrading
    7. VBV-6526 search follow ###### is not working properly
    8. VBV-6639 Attachment list shows in subsequent posts after attaching an image
    9. VBV-5444 Channel manager doesn't show any channels after upgrade
    10. VBV-3962 Debug Error Message displayed after enable products and hooks from the Admincp.
    11. VBV-5922 Making profile Activities only viewable by Subscribers removes the Subscribe, Visitor Message, and Private Message buttons
    12. VBV-3387 Database error when editing a language
    13. VBV-2945 Database error when creating a new Language
    14. VBV-6186 Unable to send visitor messages (Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page )
    15. VBV-6443 New photo topic with one photo displays "allowed amount of pictures exceeded' error message even though AdminCP is set to "0" (unlimited)
    16. VBV-2785 COPPA registration not working on IE9
    17. VBV-1536 "Minimum Time Between Searches" setting doesn't work
    18. VBV-5204 Upgrade Bug: max_packet_allowed exceeded in the Admin CP after upgrading 1.6 Million Post site.
    19. VBV-5032 Upgrade from 4.2 should respect 4.2 activity stream expires setting
    20. VBV-4270 After upgrading, links to the original post for quotes are wrong
    21. VBV-1559 Conversation Detail Module can't be edited
    22. VBV-3941 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Maximum Stored Messages" doesn't work
    23. VBV-5654 Error in Admincp when saving settings
    24. VBV-6360 Content Unit tests are failing
    25. VBV-6555 When posting a Visitor Message, the plain editor is not automatically transformed into ckeditor
    26. VBV-6464 datastore getValue performance can be improved
    27. VBV-6463 Memory cache writeCache and purgeCache are inefficient
    28. VBV-4897 API allows creating a thread starter of content type text with no text
    29. VBV-5675 "User List Cache" in vB_Api_Follow doesn't preserve result rows
    30. VBV-6374 Old Widget Definition records are not removed
    31. VBV-1535 "Search Engine Enabled" setting doesn't work
    32. VBV-6487 Saving usergroup changes causes Home Page channel permissions to show as customized (regression)
    33. VBV-2630 Include attached script in download package to build config.php files.
    34. VBV-5983 Usergroup Setting: Can Use Signatures setting turns off all signature permission settings when set to No. Doesn't return them back when set to Yes.
    35. VBV-675 Admins/mods cannot reply to closed threads
    36. VBV-6519 userContext::getChannelPermission is inefficient.
    37. VBV-6330 Search Page Broken Under Certain Circumstances
    38. VBV-6366 Need to manually clear cache for some permission changes to fully take effect
    39. VBV-6576 Image Verification for Registration cannot be enabled after disabling
    40. VBV-5537 A blank notification is received when your poll is voted on
    41. VBV-6597 Lost Password Page inaccessible when Can View Channels Channel Permission is set to No
    42. VBV-6687 Quoting does not work
    43. VBV-2051 Improve the Error message when inputting an invalid MSN username.
    44. VBV-6451 Album doesn't check first photo for album size restrictions
    45. VBV-3750 Creating private message folder doesn't display it until page is reloaded
    46. VBV-6318 VBV-6360lastcontentid is not being updated when deleting a node
    47. VBV-1985 Private Messages "Preview" div will display out of place
    48. VBV-3730 "lastvisit" column in user table not updating properly
    49. VBV-6305 Quotes from nodes not being properly fetched when passing an array of nodeids to the content link api
    50. VBV-6375 VBV-6360Cache not being properly cleared when deleting nodes. [text unit test]
    51. VBV-4974 Read Marking options don't work
    52. VBV-6397 Mark Channels Read doesn't work
    53. VBV-6462 Topic/Forum Read Marking Type "Database (automatic forum marking)" doesn't work properly
    54. VBV-6425 IE - "Write something here" text is not removed in Post Reply editor
    55. VBV-6361 Improve the <meta> html tag for X-UA-Compatible attribute
    56. VBV-6527 Missing HTML code in 'banned_page' template
    57. VBV-6525 Forums as default in activity module
    58. VBV-6528 Upgrade does not detect proper version number (upgrading from 380 & 414)
    59. VBV-1012 Can't alter my profile in frontend if the user is unalterable
    60. VBV-6243 Guests Can Access Special Channel
    61. VBV-6494 Unexpected error message on session timeout
    62. VBV-3948 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Edit Profile Privacy" doesn't work
    63. VBV-2645 Display like count when users are not logged in
    64. VBV-6188 Search Tips link missplaced
    65. VBV-6497 PHP error in getSGInfo socialgroup API method [unit test]
    66. VBV-5347 "buttons" should be capitalized
    67. VBV-5049 Phrase has invalid varname: "error_saving vote"
    68. VBV-4835 Add debug information back to database error.
    69. VBV-6241 Templates don't use post url routing
    70. VBV-6563 Reply notification not showing correct username & count
    71. VBV-6386 Notification is received for each individual reply
    72. VBV-4193 Polls are able to be saved without a description
    73. VBV-3988 Go advanced & Preview don't work when editing in activity stream
    74. VBV-466 The Flag Reports folder does not display number of items waiting for moderation
    75. VBV-2937 Forum Manager links in Page Manager pointing to core directory
    76. VBV-4590 Forum channel list in home always shows all channels as containing unread posts
    77. VBV-6050 Saving usergroup permissions no longer redirects
    78. VBV-2322 Difficulty in re-focusing recipient field after un-focusing when sending Private Message
    79. VBV-5915 IE8 - Private messages do not remove the "Write something here" text upon clicking into the field
    80. VBV-3311 Typo in phrase
    81. VBV-6482 (IE only) User Profile - Media - Upload Photos: "Write something here" default text in description box does not hide when typing text
    82. VBV-6489 Row divider goes straight through Last Post text
    83. VBV-6185 "Can poll" phrase should be "Can create poll"
    84. VBV-6610 Post Settings buttons are in reverse order during Group creation
    85. VBV-6575 Registration title text is too small
    86. VBV-1365 Social Group Icons not resized on upload
    87. VBV-1468 Tabs Styling
    88. VBV-2636 Like system produces "reputation" error
    89. VBV-4366 Rename "Plugin/Hook System" Group in Options
    90. VBV-2805 Improve wording of error message that is displayed when you cannot ban the specified user
    91. VBV-6491 Blog Title will not be trimmed on blog admin
    92. VBV-6211 Edit Footer shows "Main Navigation Bar" in edit form
    93. VBV-6217 Incorrect signature option in Default Registration Options
    94. VBV-5837 Modules are referred to as Widgets in Error Message
    95. VBV-5978 Improper error message for seach module when there are no results
    96. VBV-6102 Error messages phrasing improvements
    97. VBV-5861 display_contenttype_conversationreply_threadview_P oll template has a hardcoded phrase
    98. VBV-5729 Typo: Change user setting "Show profile picture" to "Show Avatar"
    99. VBV-3107 Confusing phrasing on subscribed tab under user profile
    100. VBV-6145 Grammar issue for phrases involving "X...[and] me"
    101. VBV-5979 Typo for no_permission_images phrase value, has a " mark at the very end.
    102. VBV-6109 "Email Flood Check" setting lost its description
    103. VBV-6574 See All Notifications button is right-aligned (not centered)

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