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    Dec 2011
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    پیش فرض ایمیل از طرف ویبولتین...

    سلام دوستان این ایمیل از طرف ویبولتین برای من اومده کسی سر در میاره ازش؟

    We have noticed that you are using vBulletin on your website and are unable to locate a license for you in our records. If you currently have a vBulletin license, we would greatly appreciate your providing it to us, along with your contact information, so that we may update our records. You can send this information to us via email at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-877-326-6444.

    If you do not have a license, we would invite you to visit and purchase a license to use on your website.

    If for any reason you do not have a license and do not wish to purchase one, we would ask that you discontinue using vBulletin at this time. Utilizing an unlicensed version of vBulletin is illegal and we sincerely hope that is not the case in this instance.

    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.



    This email has been sent to you via the vBulletin online ticket system. To view the message online (and post followups), please visit this secure address:
    vBulletin™ - Support Ticket Issue

    If you would like to post a followup (or reply) to this message by email, please email [email protected] being sure to include this text in the subject:

    vBulletin® is a registered trademark of vBulletin Solutions, Inc. in the U.S., with registration pending. This e-mail message is confidential and for use by the addressee only. You are not allowed to share the contents of this message with anyone, nor are you allowed to post the URL of this ticket. If the message is received by anyone other than the addressee, please return the message to the sender by replying to it and then delete the message from your computer. Internet e-mails are not necessarily secure. vBulletin Solutions, Inc. does not accept responsibility for changes made to this message after it was sent.

  2. گیفت کارت آیتونز

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    مدیر بازنشته

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    Jun 2011
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    پیش فرض

    کاملا واضحه و 1000 بار تا بحال مطرح شده

    اخطار برای استفاده از وی بی بدون لایسنس

    اگه هاست وارز دارید اهمیت ندهید . اگه هاست وارز نیست یا لایسنس بخرید یا تغییر سرور بدهید

    در غیر اینصورت با درخواست وی بی به سرور ساسپند میشید

    مای فون سایت تخصصی موبایل

    تبلیغات در مای فون با قیمت مناسب
    تبلیغات متنی ماهیانه فقط 1000 تومان

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