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موضوع: تغییر مسیر مهمان صفحه از صفحه اجازه ندارد تا برای ثبت نام اینجا را کلیک کنید.از vbulletin

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    Jan 2013
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    پیش فرض تغییر مسیر مهمان صفحه از صفحه اجازه ندارد تا برای ثبت نام اینجا را کلیک کنید.از vbulletin


    تغییر مسیر مهمان صفحه از صفحه اجازه ندارد تا برای ثبت نام اینجا را کلیک کنید. افزایش ثبت نام

    میشه لینک دانلود اینو برام بزارین

    Redirect guests to register page from no permission page. Increase Registrations - Forum


  2. گیفت کارت آیتونز

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    Jun 2011
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    پیش فرض

    قبلا موارد مشابه قرار داده شده

    کلیک کنید

    مای فون سایت تخصصی موبایل

    تبلیغات در مای فون با قیمت مناسب
    تبلیغات متنی ماهیانه فقط 1000 تومان

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    Feb 2011
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    نوشته های وبلاگ
    Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 Firefox 18.0
    میزان امتیاز

    پیش فرض

    This hack will redirect gusts from pages commonly not accessible by them to a custom message page where they can continue to register or login.

    To Install:
    1. Upload product via AdminCP -> Product Manager
    2. Configure options vBulletin Options -> Guest Redirect System

    New Templates
    1. custom_gdirect

    Database Changes
    1. None

    Setup Instructions
    1. All settings can be found under vBulletin Options -> Guest Redirect System with a brief explanation.

    Whats it do?
    This modification redirects users from standard error no permission page to a custom one where you can enter more information about your site or product, as well as let registered members login.

    Increase conversion rate of guests

    Future Plans
    The professional version will have a quick register form and extended options as well as fully phrased

    1. Should work on all vBulletin version from 3.5 to 3.8. Tested on vBulletin version 3.7.4PL1 and confirmed working.

    Uninstall Instructions
    Remove Product using vBulletin Product Manager

    Does this mess with my search engine rankings?
    No, this has no effect on your rankings at all.

    Can you add additional pages like albums and groups
    Yes, in a future version there will be support for more pages

    Can you have my babies
    Sorry no, currently not possible at this time

    Can I donate something for your time
    Yes, donations are greatly appreciated, and allow you to remove the copyright

    Can i remove the copyright
    No, in exchange for my hardwork and time, and your forum registrations increasing, the least you can do is leave the small copyright in place
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