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موضوع: دایرکت ادمین ورژن Version 1.44 بزودی

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    کاربر سایت

    تاریخ عضویت
    Aug 2011
    ورژن ویبولتین
    نوشته ها
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    2,706 بار
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    Windows 8 Chrome 29.0.1547.66
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    پیش فرض دایرکت ادمین ورژن Version 1.44 بزودی


    ورژن 1.44 دایرکت ادمین با تغییراتی زیادی 27 سپتامبر ارایه خواهد شد

    کد: version 14
    Syntax Check with custom httpd config (SKINS)
    Tokenizer newline reducer
    Inodes (SKINS)
    Add innodb_file_per_table to /etc/my.cnf for new intalls
    file check before ftp_upload.php
    CMD_API_POP to include per-email sent/limit if enabled
    SPF type dns records (SKINS)(TEMPLATES)
    Added SESSION_ID env variable to and
    Security: Changes to mysql restore process
    Security: improvements to strict_backup_permissions - MAJOR CHANGES
    Changes and new tokens in user_limit.txt
    Subdomain MX records (SKINS) (API)
    per-User php-mail.log (TEMPLATES)
    User creation, IP no longer needed to be known
    Named::readDB: Can't open /var/named/.db for reading
    Change default connect_timeout from 5 to 10 seconds
    da-popb4smtp recording negative bytes for large dovecot logging
    Set new domain pointers as non-local for mail to match main domain
    nginx check for secure_access_group
    Wrong language for some internal text files
    Restore with add_userdb_quota option using Bytes instead of Meg
    Changed ftp_upload.php ncftpput to have longer timeout: "data transfer timed out"
    php-fpm not restarting with nginx
    Error inserting host: Field 'ssl_cipher' doesn't have a default value
    Check group on new User creation

    کاربر مقابل از Ostad بابت این پست مفید تشکر کرده است:

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