What PdfGrabber can do: PdfGrabber is the perfect software for editing PDF files. With PdfGrabber, any PDF document can easily be converted into a wide range of formats, for instance PDF to Word, Excel or PowerPoint and many more. Thanks to PdfGrabber, further processing of content in other programs is now also possible without having to install Adobe Acrobat.

In addition to full support of Office 2007 and Windows 7, PdfGrabber offers numerous extra features, for example the ability to define export content by means of a frame, so that only the content within the frame is included in the export. Rotated texts are supported upon conversion from PDF to Excel and real curves can be generated in DXF output. Furthermore, pictorial information can be exported with XML output.

Users can convert previously exported documents back into PDF format with the integrated PDF printer. PdfGrabber makes it really easy to edit PDF files. First convert the PDF into the desired format with the PDF converter, then edit the document and simply convert back into PDF format once the desired changes have been made.

Experience the impressive advantages of PdfGrabber for yourself. It has never been easier to edit PDF files. If you wish to convert a PDF, whether into Word or Excel format for instance, PdfGrabber enables you to do so in a quick, easy and reliable way.

PDF conversion

Convert PDFs quickly and easily into all key formats, e.g.:
Use the original fonts embedded in the Acrobat file for even closer adherence to the original layout.
Use the content editor to select which part of the document is to be exported, or convert the whole PDF.
Remote control via command line, monitored folders and COM interface make daily tasks easier.
Network licenses allow simultaneous export for multiple users in a network.

PDF editing

Decide whether images are to be exported, or convert the whole file into an image.

Edit PDF content in whichever Office application is most suitable, e.g.:
Microsoft Word
- Office 2007 support
- Multi-columned layouts
- Real Word tables

Microsoft Excel
- Recognition of numbers and currencies
- Several PDF pages on a single spreadsheet
- Office 2007 support

- PDF layer support
- Real curves
- Image output

Microsoft Powerpoint
- Output as presentation (.ppt), design template (.pot) or Pack & Go presentation (.pps)

PDF creation

Create PDFs from any printable application via the PDF printer.

This is incorporated into the system like a normal printer and can be accessed from any printable application, e.g.: