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موضوع: دانلود vBadvanced CMPS 3.0 RC1 Released

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    پیش فرض دانلود vBadvanced CMPS 3.0 RC1 Released

    vBadvanced CMPS 3.0 RC1 Released

    vBadvanced CMPS (Content Management & Portal System) is an advanced portal / content management system that will allow you to easily include different elements from your vBulletin message board on your web site's homepage, or other pages. It's module system makes it very easy to add custom modules without modifying any files. It also allows you to easily create and manage new pages in which you can customize almost every default setting, plus it is very easy to integrate with other vBulletin pages and hacks. Everything is completely template based and fully integrated with vBulletin as well, so it is very easy to customize and change everything through your Admin CP.
    Main Features:
    Over 100 default settings making almost every aspect of the product easy to customize through your vBulletin Admin CP.
    Easily create and manage your site's content and add new pages via the Admin CP.
    Page types include Module only, BB Code, Template, HTML File, and PHP file pages. This array makes things easy for the beginner and gives the advanced coder the tools they need.
    Easily add an unlimited number of new modules without hacking any vBulletin or vBadvanced files.
    Module types include BB Code, Template, and PHP file modules. Perfect for the beginner or the advanced coder.
    Control access to each module or page with usergroup permissions.
    Quick Permissions Editor that allows you to quickly and easily change these permission settings in all pages and modules at once.
    Ability to use vBulletin's WYSIWYG post editor for BB code pages and modules.
    Integration or "wrapping" the CMPS around your vBulletin forum pages can be done through the Admin CP with no file modifications required.
    Easily change the look of each page with options to move or activate modules on a per-page basis.
    Ability to set a different value for each module's settings on a per-page basis.
    Easily copy module layouts from one page to others.
    Ability to completely customize the look by adding new columns or "locations" for modules to appear in the Admin CP.
    Upload / Download Module interface that makes adding a new module as simple as uploading a file through your browser.
    Completely template based making every aspect easy to customize.
    Over 50 hook locations making things easy for developers to customize without modifying the files.
    Fully phrased to support the vBulletin language system.
    Install file that will make all database queries and templates for you in seconds.
    Un-installs in seconds.
    Tested and stable with vBulletin 3.6.0+
    Optimized to make sure your site runs at full speed.
    100% validated XHTML 1.0 compliance
    And Much more!
    Included Modules:
    <LI class=pad8>Site Navigation
    A navigation module allowing your users to easily navigate your CMPS pages and the rest of your web site. <LI class=pad8>Welcome Block
    Creates a login box for members to log into your site on the homepage, or shows logged in users their avatar, last visit, private message info, reputation info, and rank (all of which may be enabled/disabled). <LI class=pad8>News
    Pick specific threads, or just select a forum to pull posts from and have these posts displayed as news articles on your CMPS page. Additional options to show attachments, avatars, icons, ratings, images, HTML, and more in your news posts. <LI class=pad8>News Archive
    A condensed version of older news posts. Includes options to control the number of archived posts to show. <LI class=pad8>Latest Topics
    Show the latest threads started in your forum. Additional options to set the number of threads to display, pick specific threads or forums to pull threads from, show a preview of the first post, ratings, icons, last post info, and more. <LI class=pad8>Current Poll
    Show a poll and allow users to vote and see the results on your homepage. <LI class=pad8>Buddy List
    Show the user's buddy list for members who are logged in. <LI class=pad8>Online Users
    Shows a list of active users, including the stats for your 'most users ever online'. <LI class=pad8>Stats
    Shows statistics such as total members, threads, posts, top poster, and newest member. <LI class=pad8>Today's Birthdays
    Shows all members with a birthday today, along with their age and a link to their profile. <LI class=pad8>Mini Calendar
    Shows a mini calendar with links to days with scheduled events and/or birthdays from the calendar you select. <LI class=pad8>Search
    Search box to allow users to quickly search your forums.
    Quick Moderation
    Shows the number of posts, threads, users, attachments, and calendar events awaiting moderation for users that have permission to moderate these items.
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