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موضوع: Download Zip Repair Pro

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    پیش فرض Download Zip Repair Pro

    Zip Repair is a utility that will repair corrupt Zip files. Usually a corrupt Zip file gives the error message:Zip Repair creates an error free backup of your original file for instant access. No special skills required. A simple user interface with full install / uninstall support.
    NEW Featutes:
    NEW: Zip Repair will fix CRC errors in .zip files so that data can still be uncompressed
    NEW: Zip Repair supports spanned zip volumes. You can now repair and extract from a spanned zip set even if part of the set is missing.
    NEW: Full support for the Zip64 format
    NEW: Support for huge file sizes 2GB+ (as long as you have the disk space)

    Download Zip Repair Pro

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