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موضوع: هک DBTech- vBQuiz v2 برای ورژن 3.8

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      هک DBTech- vBQuiz v2 برای ورژن 3.8

      نگارش: ، توسط (مدیر بازنشسته)

      آخرین زمان حضور: Aug 2017 پرینت این صفحه / حالت نمایش بصورت پرینت شده ارسال این صفحه به ایمیل یک دوست یا خودتان
      نگارش: 3.8.x امتیاز:  نصب شده: 0 بار
      زمان انتشار: 2013/12/03 بروزرسانی: هرگز دریافت شده: 1 بار
      پشتیبانی نمی شود تغییرات دیتابیس سیستم هک و پلاگین فایل های اضافی
      مجوز ترجمه در مرحله آزمایشی

      vBQuiz: What is it?

      DragonByte Technologies is proud to present vBQuiz v1, a feature-rich advanced quiz modification.

      Why vBQuiz?

      You and your users will be able to create several different type of quizzes from basic multiple choice questions to result generator type quizzes. Quizzes can be rated and commented on and users can keep hidden/public notes on their quiz results. vBQuiz allows for an unlimited amount of questions and answers.

      vBQuiz is integrated with vBActivity to give users achievements for creating and taking quizzes as well as basic vBCredits II integration to give users credits for creating and completing quizzes.


      Documentation available at: DragonByte Tech Documentation

      Basic Install & Config:

      1. Upload all files in the "upload" folder to your forum.
      2. Import the product file via the product manager in your AdminCP.
      3. Set Usergroup Permissions
      4. Set vBQuiz Category Permissions
      5. Set vBQuiz Quiz Type Permissions


      Differences between Pro and Lite

      Priority support & Product Demos available at: Quiz Main Page - DragonByte Tech | vBulletin Mods & Addons


      Translations available @
      Support for translations handled by the translator in its respective threads only.


      Complete Feature List
      • Homepage
      • Searching
      • nth level Categorization Listing
      • Paged browsing on Categories
      • List of 5 latest Quizzes
      • Adding Quizzes
      • Open Ended
      • Quiz Rules
      • Quiz Facebook Likes
      • Post Quiz Results to Facebook
      • Results Preview
      • Import/Export Quizzes
      • Quiz Types
        • Multiple Choice
        • Multiple Selection
        • Double Ended
        • Matching
        • Result Generator
        • Personality by Decado

      • Quiz history on completion
      • User level ability to hide quiz results
      • Profile tab to display quizzes created/taken
      • Unlimited Questions/Answers per quiz
      • User End Quiz Administration
        • Approve Quizzes
        • Approve Entries

      • Permissions
        • Per Usergroup
          • View Quizzes
          • Take Quizzes
          • Create Quizzes
          • Quizzes Auto Approved
          • Entries Auto Approved
          • Modify Others Quizzes
          • Delete Others Quizzes
          • Approve Quizzes
          • Modify Others Entries
          • Delete Others Entries
          • Approve Entries

      • Integration
        • vBCredits II Deluxe
          • Credits for Creating Quiz
          • Credits for Taking Quiz
          • Credits for Completing Quiz
          • Quiz Creator can charge for quizzes

        • vBActivity
          • Custom Acheivements
          • Assign Awards for completing quizzes

      • Homepage
      • Search by Quiz Name/Creator/Tags
      • Leaderboard
      • Hall of Fame
      • Paged browsing on Categories and sort by multiple types (Highest Rated, Newest, etc)
      • Statistics
      • Sortable List of 5 Quizzes (Highest Rated, Newest, etc)
      • Maximum Retries
      • Start/End Date
      • Prerequisite Quiz with required score
      • View correct answers/explanation after quiz completion
      • Quiz Types
        • Essay
        • Short Answer
        • Advanced Result Generator
        • Dichotomy

      • Quiz graphs and history on completion
      • User End Quiz Administration
        • Approve Quizzes
        • Approve Entries
        • Judge Entries

      • Permissions
        • Per Usergroup
          • Maximum Retries
          • Minimum Reputation
          • Minimum Posts
          • Force Results Public/Private
          • Judge Entries

      This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of pages generated by this mod which includes:
      • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
      • 1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
      • 1 Link to Hivelocity Hosting

      دانلود رایگان هک DBTech- vBQuiz v2 برای ورژن 3.8 از وی بی ایران

      پشتیبانی شما از نویسنده ( تشکر ، اعلام نصب ، رعایت کپی رایت و پسورد )

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  3. پاسخ: 5
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    توسط alborznet در انجمن درخواست مکمل فارسی ساز
    پاسخ: 1
    آخرين نوشته: 2012/12/25, 04:10 PM
  5. پاسخ: 13
    آخرين نوشته: 2012/12/23, 03:03 PM

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