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موضوع: [3.7.x] Staff Application

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      [3.7.x] Staff Application

      نگارش: ، توسط (مدیریت کل سایت)

      آخرین زمان حضور: Aug 2017 پرینت این صفحه / حالت نمایش بصورت پرینت شده ارسال این صفحه به ایمیل یک دوست یا خودتان
      نگارش: انتخاب نشده امتیاز:  نصب شده: 0 بار
      زمان انتشار: 2009/09/26 بروزرسانی: هرگز دریافت شده: 2 بار
      پشتیبانی نمی شود

      Staff Application Version 1.3.1 by HMBeaty
      (aka Redlinemotorsports/Redline)

      vBulletin 3.7.x

      - Initial BETA version released.

      - Fixed problem when user would submit information, with information missing, it would make the fields blank again.
      - Updated "Birthday" fields to look a bit neater (Hope you like this way better)

      - Added "Who's Online" locations
      - Added "Usergroup Settings" to deny/allow usergroups to use the application (AdminCP > vBulletin Options)
      - Added "Post Count Settings" to deny/allow users based on post count (AdminCP > vBulletin Options)
      - Added IP address and Host of applicant to the sent email
      - Made the email easier to read
      - Added an option to apply for "Administrator"
      - Added the ability to turn on/off applications for Moderator / Super Moderator / Administrator (AdminCP > vBulletin Options)
      - More fields added to the application
      - Ability to create a new thread in the forum of your choice when a new application has been submitted (AdminCP > vBulletin Options)
      - Option to turn on/off creating a new thread (AdminCP > vBulletin Options)
      - Users "Username" Automatically added in (not editable by the user)
      - Users "E-Mail" Automatically added in (editable by the user)
      - Added the option to change the Location fields from "City, State" to "Region, Country" (AdminCP > vBulletin Options)
      - Added error page for when "Accept New Applications" is set to "No"

      - Completely XHTML 1.0 Valid
      - Changed from "Moderator Application" to "Staff Application"
      - Fixed bug in one of the radio buttons on the application
      - Fixed incorrect setting for one of the AdminCP vBulletin Options
      - Added error page for users who do not have enough posts to apply
      - Fixed version checking error
      - Changed the format for the phone number so if "City, State" is selected, it appears as "(123) 456-7890". However, if "Region, Country" is selected, it will still appear as a regular text area (e.g: 1234567890)
      - Cleaned up the thread/email a little bit more (Changed the user's name so it's on one line (e.g:"User's Name: John Doe"))
      - Application welcome message is now editable via vBulletin Options

      - Bug fix: Typo (anough changed to enough)
      - Bug fix: User's Name showed twice in email instead of Username

      - Sends an E-Mail to the E-Mail addresses you specify via the vBulletin Options in your AdminCP.
      - Option to turn on/off submission of new applications via the vBulletin Options in your AdminCP.
      - Not viewable by guests.
      - All fields are required except for "Enter any additional information".
      - If the member has selected "No" to "Do you moderate on other forums?", the fields "What other forum(s) do you moderate?" and "How long have you been moderating other forums?" are NOT required.
      - Member must submit an E-Mail address and/or Phone Number (Only one of the two is required) for their contact information.
      - And much more...

      - Instructions included in readme.htm

      - Instructions included in readme.htm

      DO NOT remove the copyright!

      If you would like to remove the copyright, or you have seen a website who you believe has illegally removed the copyright, please email [email protected]

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      پشتیبانی شما از نویسنده ( تشکر ، اعلام نصب ، رعایت کپی رایت و پسورد )

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