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      Cyb - PayPal Donate

      نگارش: ، توسط (مدیریت کل سایت)

      آخرین زمان حضور: Aug 2017 پرینت این صفحه / حالت نمایش بصورت پرینت شده ارسال این صفحه به ایمیل یک دوست یا خودتان
      نگارش: انتخاب نشده امتیاز:  نصب شده: 0 بار
      زمان انتشار: 2009/09/26 بروزرسانی: هرگز دریافت شده: 10 بار
      پشتیبانی نمی شود

      Advanced PayPal Donate system for vBulletin.

      -Allow users to donate suggested or custom amounts, or both
      -Set minimum amount accepted
      -Set currency
      -Block usergroups from using Donate system
      -Donations list
      -Subscriptions (for Business/Premier PayPal Accounts)
      -Donation Bar
      -Mark donations as confirmed/unconfirmed
      -Delete donations
      -Move or add confirmed donators to your VIP/Donator usergroup
      -Donate statistics (total donations, total amount, numbers of confirmed/unconfirmed donations)
      -Block usergroups from viewing Donations or statistics details
      -Add donations manually
      -Edit donations
      -PM reports

      See screenshots for more details...

      1. Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

      2. OPTIONAL (for some customized styles)
      Open template "navbar" and add "$cyb_paypal_donate_link" after "vbphrase[user_cp]</a></td>" surrounded by proper TD tags
      3. OPTIONAL (for some customized styles)
      Open template "navbar" and add "$cybpaypal_donlist_link" after "vbphrase[miscellaneous]</td></tr>" surrounded by proper TD/TR tags
      4. OPTIONAL (to put DonBar to desired page)
      a) set THIS_SCRIPT option in hack settings
      b) Open desired template and put "$cybpaypal_donbar" where you wish to have Donation Bar shown

      To set options:
      Go to your AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Cyb - PayPal Donate

      To enable in vBa CMPS:

      v1.0 - Oct 13. 2005.
      - First Release
      v1.5 - Nov 28. 2005.
      - Added 5th donate option
      - Added option to donate custom ammount (as 6th option - can be enabled/disabled in AdminCP)
      v2.0 - Apr 20. 2006.
      - All known bugs fixed
      - Layout and functionality improved
      - Some options and settings added (check updated screenshots)
      v2.1 - Apr 22. 2006.
      - Typo fixed ("bellow" > "below")
      - Fixed little error on donations page
      - Added option to turn system on or off
      - Predefined error message is displayed to users when system is disabled
      - Templates now goes to "Cybernetec" group in Style Manager
      v2.2 - Jun 03. 2006.
      - Uncached template bug fixed
      v2.5 - Jul 30. 2006.
      - No more file uploads
      - Donate options are now opened below navbar when "Donate" link is clicked
      - Two plugins removed
      - Codes improved
      v2.6 - Jul 30. 2006.
      - Now "Donate" box can be opened from any page
      Link is shown always, not only on forumhome like in v2.5.
      v2.7 - Jul 30. 2006.
      - Fixed bug with donate form (conflict with several vB forms)
      v2.8 - Aug 04. 2006.
      - Release of this hack for vB v3.6
      v2.9 - Aug 06. 2006.
      - Added option to Show/Hide navbar link
      - Now you can link to donate system from thread or portal or another site,... (index.php?do=donate)
      v3.0 - Aug 25. 2006.
      - If your forum's index.php file was renamed, for any reason, now you can enter new filename in ACP hack options to have this hack working properly
      - Added "Product Version Checking" - Product Version Checking - Forum
      v3.1 - Mar 03. 2007.
      -New: Usergroup-based permissions (set who can use donate system)
      -Fix: Guests now can see Donate link in NavBar (if usergroup 1 is not blocked in above function)
      -New: Added Subscriptions (durations adjusted in ACP, can be disabled)
      -New: Changed from "index.php?do=donate" to "misc.php?do=donate" (Update your custom links!))
      -New: Unlimited number of donate options (list amounts in one line, separate with commas)
      -Few other functionality and make-up changes...
      v3.2 - Mar 04. 2007.
      -New: Added text field to enter custom values when Custom is chosen in menu. Otherwise this field is hidden.
      -New: Set minimum amount accepted
      -New: Unit of time for "Subscriptions time periods" changeable (d, w, m, y)
      -New: BB Codes enabled for "Donate Box Note" (smilies, easy text formatting etc...)
      -New: Currencies switcher in ACP (easier way to choose your currency)
      -Fix: Using "1" in "Subscriptions time periods" disabled (you can not subscribe for 1x and this will give you error at PayPal)
      -Few code changes for better compatibility with different server/board configurations
      v3.3 - Mar 07. 2007.
      -Fixed NavBar link
      v3.4 - Mar 14. 2007.
      -Fixed bug (if Subscriptions disabled donate amount info not sent properly)
      -Improved compatibility with Right to Left direction styles
      v3.5 - Apr 28. 2007.
      -New: Donator list
      -Options to choose which usergroups can see the list of Donators
      -List updated automatically on new donations but new item is visible to administrators only
      -Admin can mark donation as confirmed, unconfirmed, or delete it
      -Admin can manually add Donators to list
      -"Display Options" allows you to sort donators by username, donation date, or donation amount, and choose sort order
      -Javascript code on Donate page improved
      v3.6 - Jun 02. 2007.
      -Total/unconfirmed donations info
      -Edit donation
      -Quick confirm/delete donation
      -Option to change background color for unconfirmed donations
      -Changeable values are underlined for administrators
      -To change any value just type over it and hit Update
      v3.7 - Jun 03. 2007.
      -Fixed Unconfirmed counter
      -Fixed text color in dark styles
      v3.8 - Jun 04. 2007.
      -Added option to sort donations by confirmation status
      -IP address shown instead of username for unknown donators (viewable to admins only)
      -Admin have option to resolve unknown donator IP address into hostname
      -Added "Donate Statistics" block into drop-down menu
      -Added confirmed donations count
      -Added total amount info
      -Added option to choose which stats users can view (admins can view all)
      v3.9 - Jun 10. 2007.
      -Fixed tab indexes in "add new donator"
      -Fixed listing for users with unknown both username and ip
      -Added options to confirm/unconfirm/delete multiple items
      -Group membership checking works now for supplementary usergroups too, not only primary one
      -Currency list updated to support all currencies currently accepted by PayPal
      -Added option to disable suggested amounts and use just input field instead of drop-down menu
      v3.9.1 - Jul 23. 2007.
      -Fixed security exploits
      v4.0 - Aug 9. 2007.
      -New: Option to move donator to your Donator/VIP usergroup
      -New: Added page navigation to donation list page
      -New: Option to disallow non-administrators to view amounts on donation list page
      v4.1 - Aug 21. 2007.
      -New: PM Reports (any of these can be enabled/disabled):
      *Send PM to user after donating
      *Send PM to user when donation is confirmed
      *Send PM to user when donation is confirmed (manually added donations)
      *Send PM notices to Staff when someone uses Donate system
      v4.2 - Sep 30. 2007.
      -New: Confirmation dialogs before performing actions on Donations page
      -New: After completing the payment at user is redirected to your "Thank you" page (message = phrase [cybpaypal_thanks])
      -New: Choose if you wish to move or add confirmed donator to your VIP/Donator usergroup
      -New: Option to choose to load PayPal login/donate form in current or new browser window/tab
      -New: Sort donations by usergroupid
      -Subscription options removed (I will not support this anymore so please keep old version if you really need subscriptions)
      -General cleanup, known bugs fixes, optimization...
      --Save content of "Donate Page - Note" setting field before upgrade (you'll need it to update [cybpaypal_note] phrase later)
      v4.3 - Oct 18. 2007.
      -Fixed bug with permissions (now admin's primary usergroup must not be 6 to be able to confirm/unconfirm/delete donations)
      -Added option to disable BB codes in Donate Note (when BB is disabled then you can use HTML)
      -Some minor bug fixes
      v4.4 - Dec 10. 2007.
      -New: Switch date format (d-m-y or m-d-y)
      -New: Add your site logo to PayPal login/donate page
      -New: Donation bar
      -Fixed problem where some users get a shipping charge
      v4.5 - Apr 30. 2008.
      -CSRF protection added
      -Compatible with vBulletin 3.7 Gold (may not work with Beta/RC releases)
      -Minor bugs fixed
      v4.6 - Jul 25. 2008.
      -Fixed bug (sorting wrong on donation list when switched to next page)
      -Fixed bug (unconfirmed/confirmed info disappears on donation list when switched to next page)
      -Fixed bug (wrong # values shown to non-admins on the first page of donation list)
      -Fixed bug ('Donate Now' in Donation Bar not hidden when already on Donate page)
      -New: option to change "Donate" navbar link color, or set it to style default
      -New: amounts must not be 5,10,200 anymore, but also can be 5.5,10.5 etc...
      -New: Subscriptions (I added this again, but much better implemented this time)
      -Many other bug fixes/improvements
      v4.7 - Jul 27. 2008.
      -Fixed bug ("Minimum amount allowed..." message appears unexpectedly)
      -New: Option to set which day in month Donation Bar resets
      -Some minor bugs fixed
      v4.8 - Oct 19. 2008.
      -New: Ability to disable donations temporarily (means system is on but new donations are not accepted)
      -New: Donation Bar Menu (with links to Donate page, Donation List, Admin Options)
      -Fixed "not accepted amount" bug
      -Fixed bug where subscriptions are not logged properly on Donation List
      -Minor bug fixes/code improvements
      v4.8.1/4.8.2 - Dec 29. 2008.
      - Security fix/subscriptions bug fix

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