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موضوع: روزنامه سایت Community Newsletter 1.0.0 (Light)

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    پیش فرض روزنامه سایت Community Newsletter 1.0.0 (Light)

    Brought To You By
    Gio~Logist - Vbulletin Solutions & Services

    Community Newsletter 1.0.0 (Light)
    With our Community Newsletter modification, you can keep your members up-to-date with all the latest on your website. One of almost every website's busiest days of the month are the days in which news letters and such are sent out to its members. Why? Keeping existing members updated will more than likely regain or keep their interest based on what they see.

    As simple as:
    - Upload The Product
    - Configure Options
    - Enjoy!

    Features on light:
    Send Community Newletters via html email - Adapts style from current theme
    Custom Heading Message (html enabled)
    Include Recent Topics
    Incude New Members
    Incude News
    Select how many emails to send at once
    پاسخ با نقل قول پاسخ با نقل قول توسعه دهنده

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    کاربر مقابل از amir_tara67 بابت این پست مفید تشکر کرده است:

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    پیش فرض

    Community Forum Newsletter
    Version 1.0

    //\\// \\// \\// \\// \\// \\// \\//\\
    \\//\\ //\\ //\\ //\\ //\\ //\\ //\\//
    Brought to you by:
    -=Thomazz=- aka -=Softwarez=-


    Step 1. Upload files in upload folder in vb's root directory.
    Step 2. Import product "product-c_news_letter.xml" via Admincp -> "Plugins & Produts"
    Step 3. Edit "Community Newsletter" options via admincp manager



    Step 1. Overwrite files in upload folder in vb's root directory.
    Step 2. Import product "product-c_news_letter.xml" via Admincp -> "Plugins & Produts" (Overwrite)
    Step 3. Enjoy. If there are new options, use em :p

    Note: If you customized any templates, you may need to revert them in order for new features to take effect.


    // \\// \\// \\----OPTIONAL INSTRUCTIONS------------------------------------------------------

    Follow this step to allow users to select whether or not they wish to receive Community Newsletters

    Go to Admincp->User Profile Fields->Add New User Profie Field

    Title: Subscribe To Community Newsletters
    Description: We send out newsletters here at our forums periodically to keep you updated with the latest. Click yes to subscribe to our newsletters.
    Items Per Line: 2
    Options: Yes
    Field Editable By User: Yes
    Field Required: Optional
    Private Field: Yes
    Field Searchable On Member List: No
    Show On Member List: No
    Allow user to input their own value for this option: No
    Which page to display this option: Options: Messaging/Notification

    Now you will see your new profile field and the words "fieldx" under the "name" heading. Copy fieldx and paste it into the "Newsletter Subscription Field" in your Community Newsletter Options



    Images do not show?
    - The newsletter script now supports css being stored as a file. This will allow more flexibility in the compliance of youe newsletters with email clients!

    - If you're experiencing a problem with your theme and the email not pulling images, be sure to add your full forum url before images/ in Admincp -> Styles & Templates -> All Style Options -> Image Paths.

    Ex: images/buttons
    Is now: 403 Forbidden

    When going to send the newsletter, it says that it's sent but doesn't display results and it hasen't sent!
    - Edit your options. Your "Subscription Field "Enable" Value" is probably not configured right. Try changing the option from "yes" to "1".

    That's it!

    -=Thomazz=- aka -=Softwarez=-
    فایل های پیوست شده فایل های پیوست شده

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