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موضوع: هک experincen - تجربه - برای ورژن 3.8

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      هک experincen - تجربه - برای ورژن 3.8

      نگارش: 3.8.5 ، توسط (کاربر سایت)

      آخرین زمان حضور: Jun 2013 پرینت این صفحه / حالت نمایش بصورت پرینت شده ارسال این صفحه به ایمیل یک دوست یا خودتان
      نگارش: 3.8.x امتیاز:  نصب شده: 0 بار
      زمان انتشار: 2011/05/11 بروزرسانی: هرگز دریافت شده: 56 بار
      پشتیبانی نمی شود سیستم هک و پلاگین تغییرات اتوماتیک در قالب فایل های اضافی
      مجوز ترجمه

      vBExperience 3.8 (aka xPerience)
      Created by Marius Czyz aka Phalynx.

      Winner of the "Mod of the Month"-Award (March 2008) on

      This mod will work with vBulletin 3.7.x and 3.8.x

      Comments, suggestions, translations, bugs, etc... are very welcome! Support is only given to people who have clicked Mark as Installed.

      vBExperience is an advanced Level and Activity System with Shop and Awards. It will calculate an activity and experience score for every user based on their activites on the forum. Now your users will see how their level is increasing by participating on your forum.

      Inside Earth Universe - powered by vBulletin

      Demo Profile:

      Inside Earth Universe - View Profile: Phalynx

      Demo Rankings:

      Inside Earth Universe - Ranking

      Demo Awards:

      Demo Promotions:

      Demo Shop:

      Demo Stats:

      Demo Earn Points:

      Other Demo Site:

      Inside Supreme Commander Universe - Ranking

      There are mainly four things visible for the users: The users score, his level, his next level up in %/points and his activity in %.

      Calculation of the score
      Taken into calculation are these things:
      Created threads
      Thread views of own threads
      Thread replies of own threads
      Thread votes of own threads
      Thread tags
      Replies to own threads
      Sticky threads
      Socialgroup Discussions (Discussions, Posts)

      Created posts
      Views on attachments

      Days since registration
      Received infractions
      Reputation / Use of reputation system
      Visitor messages on profiles
      Members of own social groups
      Completing Profile

      Calendar entries

      Additionally there is support for 3rd party addons (some are already installed):

      vB Tournaments and Ladders (via CDP Addon)
      Post Ranking System (via CDP Addon)
      Helpful Answers (via CDP Addon)
      AWCoding-Donation System LITE and PRO (via CDP Addon)
      Cyb Paypal Donate (included)
      DownloadsII (included)
      ibProArcade Highscorer Points (via CDP Addon)
      LDM Links and Downloads Manager (included)
      PhotoPlog 2.1 (via CDP Addon)
      PhotoPost vBGallery (via CDP Addon)
      PhotoPost Pro (via CDP Addon)
      Post Thank You / Use of Post Thank You (via CDP Addon)
      QuoteIt! 3.16 (via CDP Addon)
      SAPR: Advanced Post Rating system (via CDP Addon)
      thanks via vS-Hide Hack Resurrection (Expanded Edition) (included)
      v3arcade Highscorer Points (via CDP Addon)
      v3arcade Submissions Points (via CDP Addon)
      vBulletin Blog (included)
      Who Downloaded This Attachment? (included)
      Other Addons can be easily added via CDP - Custom Data Provider plugins.

      Additionally you can install these modifications:
      Thread Necromancer: Gives (minus-) points when a user is posting in old threads. Contains also Thread Necromancer Award.

      Scrupulous Poster: Gives points for editing posts. Award users that are editing own posts instead of doing double post.

      Deletion Addicted: Gives points when an user/nod soft-deletes post, thread, visitormessage, groupmessage or picturecomment.

      Arm of Law: Give points for moderators who are using the infraction system

      Discussion Ender: Give points for people who are the last on a discussion

      Also, there are already addons available that are working as Custom Data Provider (CDP). A CDP can extend vBExperience by collecting data and adding it to the vBExperience datastore. All point providers can be used for Awards and Shop.

      You have to install these hacks for your own, vBExperience doesn't install nor touches these.

      There are two vBAdvanced 3.0 XML modules: Most Active Users and Most Experienced Users. Import them via vBAdvanced AdminCP.

      There are three default awards: Community, Posting and Activity. The awards are shown in Rankings and Profile. You can set them also to display in postbit near the username. There is a scheduled job running once a day (02:30h) to calculate them.
      Via AdminCP they are completely customizeable and can also be assigned manually.
      Awards can be created for every data provider.

      Showing User, Level, Awards, Activity Points (experience, thread, post, user, misc) - sortable.
      Since 3.8.3, there is a also a ranking for Social Groups

      With vBExerience 3.7.14 a virtual Shop has been introduced. You can define categories and put virtual items with pictures in it. A currency can be defined seperatly for every item, e.g. 20 points from threads or 100 points from gallery. Users can purchase the items, they appear in their profile. The costs of the item are substracted from their xperience points. Additionally you can set quantity of the items.
      The Shop will motivate your users to collect specific points to buy an item. Optionally you can show the last purchased items on postbit.
      You can put virtual items in it, like WoW addons: Sell WoW Items in exchange of f.e. thread points. Great for RPG forums.

      Earn Points
      Since vBExperience 3.8.0 there is an overview for the user on how points can be collected. All data is beeing pulled from the database (settings, phrases)

      The statistics is showing a Top-X list of the leading users. Usefull for optimizing points of the point provider. Only enabled point providers with results will be displayed.

      Promotion system
      To motivate users to do more on your forum I created the promotion system. By reaching defined xperience points the user will be moved to another usergroup - where you can set graphics, shadows, highlighting, etc... What is interesting in combination with this: you can give the user more possibilities f.e. larger avatars or bigger PM box. A log of the promotions is available.

      Calculation of the activity
      The system calculates the activity by taking the average post count of the ten most active user and comparing it to own post count. This can be set to count only the last X days, f.e. 21 days (controlable via AdminCP) .

      You can control how many points are given to every calculation. For example you can give many points for creating new threads but only a few for views of that thread. Setting a value to 0 will disable a setting.
      Additionally, you can set ignore users (f.e. for bot users), forums (f.e. offtopic forums) and usergroup id's.

      Performance, Big Boards
      vBExperience has been tested on smaller and also on some bigger sites. I know from boards with around 120k users running this mod smoothly. More about this topic can be read in the file readme_optimization.txt

      Frequently asked questions
      Q: How do I change the name Experience to something new?
      A: You can change the name via phrases. Just search and replace all phrases that contains vBExperience.

      Q: When installing vBExperience, does everyone start from scratch, or will it automatically configure everyone's points based on actions before the install?
      A: If you recount, vBExperience will calculate ALL existing data since the beginning of the board.

      Known Issues:
      Awards: On "Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread" awards are only shown for the user who is viewing this.

      Awards: If activated in with rich username, they are attached to the username. If the username is linked, the awards are also linked. If a link is underlined, the awards are also underlined. This behaviour is hardcoded in vBulletin and cannot be fixed.

      Settings are showing only a blank page, read here:
      If you completely remove vBExperience, you need also to uninstall the product XML manually from the pluginssystem
      Credits for icons
      FAMFAMFAM, Silk Icons

      3.8.5 Beta 3, 18th September 2009

      Fixed Promotions
      Fixed Notifications
      Added Activities to Promotions
      All Activities are not obeying limit
      AdminCP/Experience has a recount for Promotions and Achievements
      Fixed listing of Achievements with Firefox
      Several Beta 2 fixes

      3.8.5 Beta 2.1
      03 September 2009
      Shop can now control items of "Links and Download Manager" and "DownloadsII". Simply put the LinkID of the item into the Shop Item Properties. User cannot download the item until he purchase it.
      Fixed issue with Notification on forums with subdirectory (e.g. /forums/)
      Fixed issue with Achievements on forums with subdirectory (e.g. /forums/)
      Fixed issue with Google Chrome and Tabs
      Improved uninstall

      How to implement Shop Items that can be downloaded after purchased.
      1. Install vBExperience, enable shop.
      2. Install LDM Links And Download Manager or DownloadsII
      3. Install either ZIP\extras\Addons\download_files_shop_ldm.xml or ZIP\extras\Addons\download_files_shop_downloadsII. xml. Depends of which downloadsystem you have installed.
      4. Upload the download content. Memorize the LinkID!
      5. AdminCP, Experience, Manage Shop, Add Category/Edit items
      6. Depending of the downloadsystem you have to enter the numerical LinkID into the correct field

      If the user purchased the item, he can download it. If he sells or give it away, he cannot access the file anymore.

      How to upgrade?

      Simply overwrite all PHP files and import product XML.

      3.8.5 Beta 2 02nd September 2009

      Just a short note: Condition in Achievements and Promotions are calculated in POINTS, not in counts of items.
      If you choose 10 Day, you must enter the points needed for this.
      For example: You have an achievement for 10 days. You have set 2 points for every day since registering. Calculation: 10*2 = 20
      You will have to set 20 as the condition.
      New tabbed interface. If you want to change the style, edit the template xperience_navbar_css
      Promotions now showing usergroups and conditions for a promotion to the next group
      You can import old vBExperience Legacy promotions (that were created within level.xml)
      Achievements in Profile
      Achievements below Avatar
      Several Beta 1 fixes

      To do For Beta 3:
      Download files with vBExperience as a credit system ("LDM Links and Downloads Manager", "DownloadsII")
      Activity eraser
      AdminCP Permissions
      Advanced User Permissions, 19th August 2009

      Fixed GetActivityAll() on Profiles

      If you upgraded from, you need only to re-import the product xml. Upgrade from 3.8.4 needs also the class_xperience.php
      If you want to show the version number, upload also xperience.php 14th August 2009
      Fixed issues with low/high activity
      Improved speed by recounting activity
      Included french translation by mitch84 - thanks!

      3.8.4, 11th August 2009
      This is one of the biggest releases of vBExperience!

      Redesigned the whole Awards feature, introduced a new centralized page where all activities around vBExperience are collected, added a lot of Custom Data Provider Plugins like Helpful Answers/Post Ranking System and a lot more! Just read the changelog to see all bigger changes. Smaller changes and also iterations between beta version are not included in the changelog.

      New feature: Give Away Points. A new feature to share points with friends. You can choose freely of one of the point category and give away some or even all points.

      New feature: Activities, showing what is currently happening on your forum (Points, Promotions, Awards, Shop). Features also an Activities Module for vBAdvanced 3.x

      Awards: Identificator is dead. Long live the new direct URL field! Type any URI to an existing image and it will be taken for the award, f.e. /xperience/icons/newaward.png. You can use a small and a big image.

      Awards: If no image is defined, a default image will be taken (/xperience/icons/default_16.png)

      Awards: Over 150 (new and updated) icons for awards and shop, each in sizes of 16x16 and 32x32. Default Awards have a complete new icon. You can still use the old one, search for icons named award_*

      Awards: Six awards are now pre-configured: Most Popular, Activity Award, Posting Award, Community Award, Frequent Poster, Blog Award, Calendar Award

      Awards: Possibility to clear all awards and recreate default awards

      Awards: Change display style for awards on profile: Either included in Experience fieldset or in an extra block below albums

      Awards: Introduced Award Categories for a better grouping if using more awards

      Awards: New Awardlisting. You can choose whether this or the old style legacy blockwise Awardlisting.

      Awards: Logging of all issued awards

      Awards: Manage Awards and Edit Awards have been re-designed and new structured, incl. a testdrive for Awards. See SQL String and resultset of calculation

      There is a new directory called xperience. This is the new place for ALL graphics, including bars, shop items and awards.

      New Experience: Helpful Answers
      New Experience: vB Tournaments and Ladders
      New Experience: Post Ranking System
      New Experience: Average Posts since registration, also with award
      New Experience: Calendar Events, also with award
      CDP: New Plugin for Advanced Forum Points. You can independent set points for several forums

      Experience: Activity now calculates also activity on different sections (Visitormessages, Social Group message, Blog (if installed), Postings), not only postings

      Shop: Fixed problems with not logged in users are transaction log

      Shop: Fixed problems with usernames containing an underscore

      AdminCP: Recount has been moved to an own dedicated page: AdminCP, Experience, Recount

      AdminCP: New About Info with link to Support Thread Profile provides now Activites, removed GAP and Promotion log

      Experience: Recount trigger extended to login and album edit process, Now not only posting something will increase your points automatically.
      Experience Bars now also available in vBulletin Blog Sidebar, below User's Avatar

      Earn Points has now a new field called "Yours". It shows your actual points in this. You need to reimport all vBExperience addons from the 3.8.4 package to support this for the addon.

      Fixed HTML Validation errors
      Fixed several minor

      3.8.5 Beta 4
      Promotions: Listing now also the last Usergroup.
      Please notice the new settings for nethermost/uppermost usergroups.
      Several minor cosmetic changes
      Clear Activities (except Shop)
      Fixed error with GetActivityAll() on profile
      Several Beta 3 fixes

      اسکرین شات ها :

      دانلود رایگان هک experincen - تجربه - برای ورژن 3.8 از وی بی ایران

      پشتیبانی شما از نویسنده ( تشکر ، اعلام نصب ، رعایت کپی رایت و پسورد )

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    for a complete kill use ZIP\extras\Remove vBExperience\upload_via_ftp\admincp\kill_xperience .php

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