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موضوع: سایت هایی برای قرار دادن RSS FEED

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    پیش فرض سایت هایی برای قرار دادن RSS FEED

    در این مطلب سایت هایی برای قرار دادن RSS و دیگر سیستم ها است
    اماده کردم امیدوارم لذت ببرید
    RSS Feeds
    RSS Network - submit RSS feeds
    Syndic8 - submit RSS feeds
    DayPop - post your RSS feed or blog
    Feedster - submit your RSS feed
    Rocket News - post your RSS feed
    Technorati - submit your RSS feed to be pinged
    Userland - submit rss feeds
    Postami - submit rss feeds
    Finance Investing Feeds - Only submit finance or investment related feeds.
    Security Protection Feeds - Submit only security or protection related feeds RSS feeds select appropriate category.
    Realty Feeds - Submit only home related RSS feeds. Be sure to select the appropriate category.
    Medical Feeds - Submit feeds related to medical care or health.
    Religious Podcasts - Submit only podcasts that relate to religion, sermon or spiritual beliefs.
    Sports Feeds - Submit sports related RSS feeds and podcasts.
    Political Feeds - Submit political feeds and podcasts.

    Government Feeds - Submit feeds ONLY from government agencies. Feeds from both Local and federal governments are accepted.
    Educational Feeds - Submit feeds and podcasts related to education.
    2RSS - submit rss and assign category (on bottom)
    NewsMob - submit rss news feeds
    RocketInfo - submit your rss content and feed
    Edu RSS - harvests only feeds dealing with educational technology and related issues. All feeds are reviewed before being added to the list. submit News using XML
    Complete RSS - enter the url(s) of the feeds you wish to add to the directory. - add rss feeds
    Memigo - submit a news link to memigo
    BulkFeeds - submit an rss feed
    Ping-O-Matic - rss feed submissions (pings site)
    Yenra - submit RSS news feed
    easyRSS - gives you a direct access to the content you are interested in.
    NewsXS - submit rss feeds
    FeedFarm - all submitted feeds are reviewed
    FastBuzz - submit feeds
    Search4RSS - submit RSS feeds
    DeskFeeds - rss feed and blog submissions
    Terrar - rss feed submissions
    The Feed Spot - submit feeds

    StepNewz - submit rss news feeds
    RSS Verzeichnis - German feed submissions
    4Guys from Rolla - submit feeds
    DevASP - add feed listing
    FuzzySoftware - submit XML listings
    ASP Index - submit RSS feeds
    SourceForge - submit news feeds
    Feed Directory - submit RSS feeds in the feed directory.
    FeedBeagle - submit feeds (scroll down)
    FeedPlex - submit feeds
    Feeds4All - submit RSS feeds
    Plazoo - submit RSS feeds
    Newzfire - submit RSS feeds
    Feed24 - RSS feed submissions
    Shas3 - Submit RSS feeds select appropriate category
    FeedCat - Submit RSS feeds select appropriate category
    RSS Clipping - add RSS urls
    Read A Feed - add RSS urls
    Loomia - add RSS feeds
    Feeds2Read - add your RSS feeds
    Feedzie - add your RSS feeds
    RSS Portal - add your RSS feeds
    RSS Feed 4U - add your RSS feeds
    StepNewz - suggest RSS feeds
    StepNewz - suggest RSS feeds
    JordoMedia - suggest RSS feeds
    RSS Mad - add an RSS feed (on bottom right side)

    FeedBomb - Navigate category and suggest a feed.
    nFeeds - Submit RSS feeds only.
    Auto Feeds - Submit automotive feeds only.
    News Goblin - Submit automotive feeds only.
    Wordum - Submit automotive feeds only

    FeedSee - Submit feeds using keyword searches.
    Submit Feeds - RSS submission feeds
    Feedooyoo - Submit RSS feeds

    Science Port - Add RSS feeds
    FeedAge - Submit RSS feeds
    GoldenFeed - Submit RSS feeds
    RSSMicro - Submit RSS feeds
    Octora RSS Feeds - Submit RSS feeds
    FeedFury - Submit RSS feeds
    RSSMotron - Submit RSS feeds
    FindRSS - Submit RSS feeds
    FeedBase - Submit RSS feeds
    RSSMotron - Submit RSS feeds - Submit RSS feeds
    Day Time News - Submit RSS feeds
    FeedGod - suggest a feed (on the right)
    RSSBuffet - submit an RSS feed
    SolarWarp- submit an RSS feed
    Feedest - submit a feed
    RSSMicro - submit a feed - submit an RSS Feed
    RSS Mountain - submit RSS
    FeedSee - human edited RSS submissions
    RSSSpan - Feeds Directory Search.
    FeedNuts - Feeds Directory Search.

    Submit Blogs and Blog RSS Feeds
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    BlogFlux - blog feed submission.
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    Finding Blog - blog submissions
    Bulletize - blog submissions
    BlogTopSites - blog submissions
    Blog Fuse- blog submissions
    Blogion- blog submissions
    AddUrlBlog- add blogs
    Blogbib- add blogs
    BOTW Blog- add blogs
    Blog Directory Submit- add blogs
    BlogTopSites- add blogs (they will provide required code that must be inserted in your website, in order for blogtopsites to rank your blog)
    iBlogBusiness - add business blogs only
    BlogSiteZone - manually add blogs to directory.
    BlogTopList - adds blogs to directories.

    BlogBurst - adds blogs to directories.

    Podcast Submissions

    Submit PODCASTS
    Podcasting Station - submit podcasts
    Podcast Submission Directory - submit podcasts

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  1. سیستم خبر ساز rss feed
    توسط reza_az در انجمن پرسش و پاسخ
    پاسخ: 28
    آخرين نوشته: 2012/06/07, 09:51 AM
  2. خوراک (RSS Feed) انجمن
    توسط NOjAN در انجمن درخواست هک و پلاگین
    پاسخ: 1
    آخرين نوشته: 2011/06/13, 10:46 AM
  3. مدیریت خبرساز RSS Feed
    توسط samsilte در انجمن پرسش و پاسخ
    پاسخ: 5
    آخرين نوشته: 2011/05/31, 08:35 AM
  4. feed مطالب وبلاگ کجاست؟
    توسط mrpeach در انجمن پرسش و پاسخ
    پاسخ: 10
    آخرين نوشته: 2011/05/13, 10:13 PM
  5. مدیریت خبرساز RSS Feed
    توسط navidahwaz در انجمن پرسش و پاسخ
    پاسخ: 1
    آخرين نوشته: 2010/09/23, 05:34 PM

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