• The function to move domains between resellers has been added to our platform, and is immediately live. We know many of you have been anticipating this feature, and are glad to offer it to you.
    Internal transfers will now function as any external transfer, and can be performed just as any other transfer via the Reseller Area or Customer Area. Since this differs per TLD, each transfer will trigger the normal transfer process from our registrar.
  • ERRP: In line with the latest ICANN policies, we have nearly completed our implementation of ERRP within Resello. This means we will be sending out notices from your name to your registrants. You will be able to add some information to this mail which is regularly sent.

با سلام

پلتفروم انتقال دامنه ها از اکانت هر ریسلر به اکانت ریسلر دیگر از طریق اکانت نماینده اصلی و در پنل مقصد امکان پذیر است حتی بدون اطلاع اکانت مبداء!

البته این موضوع تست شده است و بیش از 26 دامنه با پسوندهای مختلف منتقل گردیده است.

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